Sunday 16th December: Mini & MX open. There is some rain damage on the MX and it will be wet and slippery in some places but it is ride able. Free sausage sizzle at 12.00.

Tamzin Fuller

Rider Profile

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DOB:  2nd September 2002

Riding for 2 years. A social rider.  Can do little jumps.  Might race this year.

Bike: Started on a quad, now on a JR50, wants a Kawasaki, can almost ride her brother's KX65. BUT from January 2011 she's riding a new KTM !

Sponsor:  Dad

Likes: Make-up, Dancing - hip hop and making up her own dances, art and drawing, chocolate.

Dislikes: Hates falling off but she's a toughie and gets back up again.

Favourite Riders: Chad Reed and Mary Perkins.

Goal:  To be a tatooist.

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