Sunday 16th December: Mini & MX open. There is some rain damage on the MX and it will be wet and slippery in some places but it is ride able. Free sausage sizzle at 12.00.

Nikki Atchison

Rider profile

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Birth Place: Wanganui

Birthday: 10/06/94

Age Started Riding: 3

Fave Band: Nickelback

Fave Colour: Blue

Fave TV Programme: Outrageous Fortune

Fave Sport: MX and Soccer

Fave Role Model/Riders: Ben Townley, Ryan Villopoto ,Ryan Dungey, Ashley Fiolek, Katherine Prumm, Mary Perkins.

Likes: Motocross, My Job, Boys.

Dislikes: Not Riding Most Days Of The Week.

Sponsors: Always Plastered, Coastline Honda.

Aims: To Be In Top 3 At Whakatane Series 2011 And 2012.

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