Open Saturday 23rd - Monday 24th October from 9.00 until dark. MIni, MX and Mini track in good condition, MX freshly groomed. Short and Middle length Trail will be open from 1.00 Saturday through the long weekend. Long loop closed. The Trail loops still have some wet areas so not recommended for beginners. If anyone is wanting to camp the night you are able to do this for free but you must be self contained (no water available, long drop toilet) . Just mention this when you sign in and pay for each day's riding.



A selection of articles that may be of interest. Including ride reports, tips and tricks and bike maintenance.

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Bill McLeod

Who was he?

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The Invisibility Battle

Too many accidents make the headlines

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Chicken versus Pork

A Tale of Yesteryear from Graham Ross

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Journalist of the Year

Motorsport NZ Award

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A Classic Weekend

No under 25s - bikes that is

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$21,500 Prize on Offer

Can you ride 61km @ 160km/hour?

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Bike Art

Adam Worsley - Creative recycler

Trimph Trophy 1969

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How to Tie-Down A Motorcycle

look after your investment

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Anzac Day

Memories of a Despatch Rider

George Jones

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Vladivostok to London

51st Traverse

Charity Ride

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Enfield Love Affair

Tour of Rajasthan

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Best Things since Sliced Bread

What are they?

4 Clues:

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Bridging the Divide

70 Years Young

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Trivia x 12

Who says bikes don't fly !

The Bike - Plane Connection

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TMCC is 60 continued...

Tauranga Motorcycle Club 1949 - 2009

Breeding ground of Champions

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Birchy in Budgie Smugglers?

At the Top of the Extreme

What do our guys have to do?

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Trials MX Mix

The rocks keep rolling

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Racing in the USA Anyone?

A Word from Whibley

Maddix Park - the place to practice

maddix park mx

TMCC is 60

Tauranga Motorcycle Club 1949-2009

Breeding Ground of Champions

maddix park mx

Changing Gearbox Oil

By Grant Draper

Motocross bikes get a hammering at the best of times ...

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How to Prepare For a MX Race

By Tom Stark

Before you go to a race you must be in good physical shape ...

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