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Aaron Wiltshier

Rider Profile

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DOB: 20.11.96

Started riding at age 5. Began on JR50, then KTM 50 and won 6-8 Years NZ title, the KTM65 and won 9-11 Years NZ title, the Ktm 85 and now KTM 125 where he is competing in 12-14 Years class.

Aims: Having a better year than in 2009/10, getting fit for Woodville, doing the Nationals.

Favourite Rider: Mason Phillips

Likes: MX, swimming, hunting, fishing.

Dislikes: Losing.

Sponsors: Koromiko Engineering, Fairway Holdings, Makz gear, Bay orchard Sprayers, Mum & Dad.

From Mini to Pro

maddix park mx

Huge congratulations to Aaron Wiltshier who, from today, 10th October 2014, is a pro-MX racer and the official 250 cc rider joining MX1 riders Cody Cooper and John Phillips as part of the Honda Shop Race Team.

We are not at all surprised.  He has been bitten by the MX bug since he received his first bike for Christmas when he was 5. Aaron opened all his little presents but there was one more "big" one hidden behind the couch!  From there it was all on, he was hooked.

Aaron was instantly one of the “hard” riders.  He rode so hard that he broke the bike’s suspension and in the first 6 months, the little JR50 had to be put back together 3 times !  We watched him ride at Maddix Park, watched his speed increase, his technique improve, his fearlessness on the jumps.  We witnessed his absolute passion for the sport and his determination to succeed. We also knew that, each time the telephone rang at 6.30am on a Sunday morning, it would be young Aaron asking if the track was open.

Aaron won mini titles in the 50cc and 65cc classes but it hasn’t always been easy; the junior years, in particular, were interrupted by a number of crashes. The injuries took their toll but each time Aaron came back stronger and more committed than ever.  He did not give up.

In 2014, he rode outstandingly to win the Woodville Grand Prix 125cc crown but his aspirations for the 2014 national title in the same class were thwarted.  He was in 3rd place after round 1 and had got up to 2nd in round 2 when he popped his shoulder in a bike tangle. A second place in the final round of the nationals meant Aaron finished 3rd overall, in the same position as the previous year.

The result may have been disappointing for Aaron, but nothing could disguise the potential in the young Tauranga rider.  Ben Townley spotted this potential and came up with some options, guidance and training - support that Aaron greatly appreciates. However, Aaron’s own passion, perseverance, commitment and dedication allied with his obvious talent have been key factors that have brought about this opportunity for a professional career.

Aaron is looking forward to this new season with the Honda Shop Pro Racing Team. He’s on a great bike and has great support from the other riders, from owner, Phil Empson, and, of course, from his family.  The first race meeting for the team will be the Taupo Labour Weekend Extravaganza. 

We are particularly proud of Aaron. Lots of young riders have experienced the exhilaration and the adrenalin buzz of MX for the first time by riding the tracks at Maddix Park.  Aaron is the first of them to go “pro”.

We wish him every success and the team as well.


Rider Reports:

Taupo Labour Weekend Extravaganza 26-27 October 2013

I had a mixed weekend in Taupo with some up and down results.

On the Saturday I raced the 15-16 125cc class. I qualified 1st so I got first gate pick so that made my day, good from the start.

Race one I got 2nd around the first corner and smashed by Dylan Walsh as he slammed me into the corner so I drilled him into the next corner and pushed him wide. From that point of the race I pulled a reasonable lead and was feeling good as I checked out and took 1st.

Race 2 was my best race as I holeshotted and checked out to take the win.

Race 3 I got a shocking start and came round the corner in 9th but I fought to 4th by the first lap making some good passes. as I worked my way up to 2nd. Dylan had pulled a 10 second lead. but I reeled him back in and passed him to take the lead and check out so Saturday was good as. I went 1-1-1 to win it. 

Sunday was a different story. I qualified 2nd in the National 125 class which I was happy about.

Race 1 was an average race as I came around in 6th but caught 4th and moved into 3rd but stupid little mistakes caused me to fall back into 4th. I finished there so I wasn't too happy about that race.

Race 2  I had a great start as I holeshotted and led for a couple of laps but just a stupid little wash out dropped me back to fourth but I fought hard and came back to 3rd which I was happy about.

Race 3 was the feature race where the top MX1, MX2 and National 125 race.  I got a shocking start coming around in almost dead last. I didn't have the power to get past the 450 riders but I made several passes though not enough to get on the podium for the national 125 class so I ended up 4th overall which was a bit disappointing.

So in the mean time I'm stepping up my training and going to make some pleasing results come my way as the harder I work the better results I get.

Cheers for all your guys support.

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