Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March: All tracks closed. Due to all the rain this week the tracks and access road in, need work which we are unable to do as our tractor is still waiting on mechanical work to be completed. We would love to be open but unfortunately can't.


Kate Rose Wykes

Rider's Profile

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Date of Birth : 16/8/2000

 Type of Riding :Trail riding & Maddix kids track.

Bike : Had a Yamaha TTR 50 but since July 2010 on a new Monster Energy KX110 . 

Bike Mods :Heel shifter & girl graphics.

Sponsors: Mum and Dad

Years Riding: Started aged 8.

Goals: Get faster & roost Dad.

Likes: Jumping & riding with other kids. Looking forward to Intermediate School next year.

Dislikes: Falling off,cleaning my bike.

Other stuff: Ballet,hockey,swimming.

Hi , My daughter Kate Rose & myself were at the park Sun. 24th.Excellent day,sausages went down good too! Kate is the girl with the pink TTR 50 with the butterfly on the front.You got a few photos of her,which she was stoked with.

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