Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th. Work is being done to repair the tracks but they remain too wet for riding this weekend.


Kate Rose Wykes

Rider's Profile

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Date of Birth : 16/8/2000

 Type of Riding :Trail riding & Maddix kids track.

Bike : Had a Yamaha TTR 50 but since July 2010 on a new Monster Energy KX110 . 

Bike Mods :Heel shifter & girl graphics.

Sponsors: Mum and Dad

Years Riding: Started aged 8.

Goals: Get faster & roost Dad.

Likes: Jumping & riding with other kids. Looking forward to Intermediate School next year.

Dislikes: Falling off,cleaning my bike.

Other stuff: Ballet,hockey,swimming.

Hi , My daughter Kate Rose & myself were at the park Sun. 24th.Excellent day,sausages went down good too! Kate is the girl with the pink TTR 50 with the butterfly on the front.You got a few photos of her,which she was stoked with.

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