Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th July: Unfortunately with more torrential downpours during the week all tracks are too wet and remain closed.


David Moloney

Rider Profile


Age: 14
Year born: 19.7.1996.
Model:EC 200.
Years riding :About 4 years.
School :Home schooled .
Lives :Te puke.
Other sports: wake boarding, skating, BMX.
About me:I like going down the lake with our boat and jumping of Big cliffs and wake boarding .And I love Motorbiking.Its good fun .
Likes: Working hard and getting paid. I also like spending money. Doing sports. Working out. And getting Big guns from it.

CNCC Round 4 report: Maramarua 8.01.11
It was really really hot and dusty, and the track  dropped off without warning a few times, so I missed a few turns.There was a place where it went off to the right with a drop at the end, and I could not see because of all the dust. I came in way too fast and saw the guy in front of me with his brakes on. I put mine on as fast as I could but it was too late.The bike got jammed up the top on a log and I went over the drop.Two other guys did the same thing but one of them was a long way down with his bike. I was riding with a sore leg and I came down on it once which hurt. I came in 3rd in my class. I was stoked as with that, and beat my Dad and brother.I got a mean start too. 1st out the gate, but ended up 3rd after taking a few turns too fast . All in all it was a mean day.

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