Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th & Monday 31st January: All tracks open. We have had some welcome rain so have been able to rip and tidy the MX track, the mini is in good condition and the trails are great. The Red Light change will not bring changes at Maddix Park. * No vaccine passes are required as all are welcome on any day that we are open. (Check FB or Website for updates on open days or phone 07 5442251). * No pre-booking is required. * We will provide specific details when you sign in regarding "defined space" parking to comply with COVID regulations.


David Moloney

Rider Profile


Age: 14
Year born: 19.7.1996.
Model:EC 200.
Years riding :About 4 years.
School :Home schooled .
Lives :Te puke.
Other sports: wake boarding, skating, BMX.
About me:I like going down the lake with our boat and jumping of Big cliffs and wake boarding .And I love Motorbiking.Its good fun .
Likes: Working hard and getting paid. I also like spending money. Doing sports. Working out. And getting Big guns from it.

CNCC Round 4 report: Maramarua 8.01.11
It was really really hot and dusty, and the track  dropped off without warning a few times, so I missed a few turns.There was a place where it went off to the right with a drop at the end, and I could not see because of all the dust. I came in way too fast and saw the guy in front of me with his brakes on. I put mine on as fast as I could but it was too late.The bike got jammed up the top on a log and I went over the drop.Two other guys did the same thing but one of them was a long way down with his bike. I was riding with a sore leg and I came down on it once which hurt. I came in 3rd in my class. I was stoked as with that, and beat my Dad and brother.I got a mean start too. 1st out the gate, but ended up 3rd after taking a few turns too fast . All in all it was a mean day.

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