Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th. Work is being done to repair the tracks but they remain too wet for riding this weekend.


Harrison Forrester-Moore

Rider Profile

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DOB:  17th January 2001

Riding for 18 months.

Bike:  Currently racing  TTR110 #33 but already practising on KX65 #22 ready for next year as well.  Won his 3 last races and came 2nd overall in the 7-11 year Trial class at Taupo.  Running 3rd at Awakaponga. Does the Tarawera 50 as well.  Is looking forward to the Mini Nationals and to Summercross.

Likes:  Mx and also tennis, swimming, soccer and boogie boarding.

Aim:  To be a top rider.

Favourite Rider:  Ryan Villapoto.



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