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Jacob Hunt

Rider Profile

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DOB: 28/12/02

Bikes:  KTM 50 SX mini / KTM 50 SX numbers 3 and 22 

Been riding since 4 years old

Likes:  Running, jumping, BMX, playstation, playing with friends

Dislikes: Sitting around, sleeping in

Favourite riders:  Chad Reed , Cody Cooper,  Mason Phillips,  fast Trent Collins

Sponsors: Makzgear, KTM, Motographics

Goals 2010: Do my best to have fun and race my hardest and to get more sponsors

October 23rd 2010: 1st place in the North Island Mini Champs held at Taupo.

Race Report: Mini MX Nationals Wellington 7 October 2012

Jacob turned 9 on the day before the Nationals began. This meant he unfortunately had to move up an age group and ride against 42 others  in the highly competitive  9-11 Years 65cc class.  Jacob finished a creditable 22nd. He struggled with starts, still not confident after a recent traumatic incident.  He also had a massive crash in his first race, flying off the side of a jump. His 30th place in that race lowered his overall result by several places.

Taupo Report 22nd October 2011

Jacob had a really great day at Taupo with 3 wins from three starts.  He did have his work cut out for him with only one hole shot in the 1st race. In race two, he was fourth into the first turn then by the second corner he had the lead and just pulled away.  In race three, he was dead last off the gate and had to work very hard to get through the pack. It was just head down and charge hard  and, by the 3rd to last lap, he was into 1st and took the win and the over all.Rotorua Report: Final

Round October 9th 2011

Jacob ended up 2nd over all for the Rotorua winter series, due to him missing a whole round with that virus.

The mini  track had a bit of a change with new corners and jumps and they have cut out the hill out the back that alot of slower kids parents had complained about when it was wet and they could not get up it, but  all the kids enjoyed the new lay out.

Jacob once again was on fine form taking two out of two hole shots and two wins as only two racers were pointed. 

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