Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th & Monday 27th January: All tracks open. Forecast is for a hot weekend. The MX track will be dry, The Trail loops are a great cool option in the hot weather. Free sausage sizzle at 12.00 on Sunday.


Jared Prescott

Rider Profile

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DOB: 1997

Has been riding since age of 7.  Has had several bikes: Honda 50, KX65cc, KX 85cc small wheel, and currently a SX 85cc big wheel and a 200 XCW. Has come 4th in the Tarawera 50.

Aims : to be the fastest trail rider he can be.

Favourite Riders: Scott Bar Smith, Peter Broxaholme

Likes: Pulling apart my dirt bike, and Downhill mountain biking.

Dislikes: a broken dirt bike, dirty Motocross gear, and 4-stroke motobikes


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