Saturday 21st September: MX and Mini Track open. MX freshly groomed, several soft spots which should dry out over the weekend. Trail loops closed Saturday while we complete some checking. Open at 9.00 - closed at dark.

Joel Dorrington

Rider Profile

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DOB: 17th July 1994

Has been riding for 4 years but 1st year racing. Mates had bikes and wanted one too.  Part of the Mount college MX team.

Injuries: wrist injury when wiped out on the first corner of his last race.

Bike: RM125 2002

Sponsors:  Blue Steel Sheds.

Likes: MX and the "D" word. Life is pretty sad.

Dislikes: Kawasakis and, according to his brother, vegetables. Seems like he hates anything green.

Favourite Rider: Levi Sherwood 

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