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Jontae Carroll

Rider profile

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Date of birth:  12.03.2003

Type of riding:  Mini MX

Bike: Had a 2009 KTM 50cc  (mini SX).  Now moved up to a KX65 for the 2011 season.

Bike Modifications:  None.  Standard.

Sponsors:  Oceanside Autoparts plus Mum and Dad, of course.

Years Riding:  2nd year racing.  Been on a bike since the age of 3. Had a very good year racing in 2010 in the 4-7 years 50cc MX class.  He  was number 2 in the North Island Champs, number 2 in the NZ Mini Nationals and then capped off the year with a 1st place at Summercross 2010.

Goals: Wants to ride, ride, ride. After a year off, Jontae aims to do the Whakatane and the Taupo Series in 2013.

Likes:  Ben Townley is the hero of the moment.  Jontae also likes school.

Dislikes:  Nothing really. He's even pretty good on his veges.

Other Stuff: Right into anything that moves - hot wheel cars, dump trucks etc . and jumping out of trees, in other words, a pretty full on kid. Dad always wanted a bike himself when he was little but it didn't happen.  So, as soon as Jontae could manage on 2 wheels, Dad bought him a bike. Jontae took 3 weeks to learn to ride. He broke his leg last Aprl which slowed him down a little for a while but he finished in the top 5 at the recent Minis under Lights at Tokoroa. Jontae loves the riding, loves the racing but loves playing with the other kids he sees at the meets. He's a very sociable young man.

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