Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March: All tracks closed. Due to all the rain this week the tracks and access road in, need work which we are unable to do as our tractor is still waiting on mechanical work to be completed. We would love to be open but unfortunately can't.


Jontae Carroll

Rider profile

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Date of birth:  12.03.2003

Type of riding:  Mini MX

Bike: Had a 2009 KTM 50cc  (mini SX).  Now moved up to a KX65 for the 2011 season.

Bike Modifications:  None.  Standard.

Sponsors:  Oceanside Autoparts plus Mum and Dad, of course.

Years Riding:  2nd year racing.  Been on a bike since the age of 3. Had a very good year racing in 2010 in the 4-7 years 50cc MX class.  He  was number 2 in the North Island Champs, number 2 in the NZ Mini Nationals and then capped off the year with a 1st place at Summercross 2010.

Goals: Wants to ride, ride, ride. After a year off, Jontae aims to do the Whakatane and the Taupo Series in 2013.

Likes:  Ben Townley is the hero of the moment.  Jontae also likes school.

Dislikes:  Nothing really. He's even pretty good on his veges.

Other Stuff: Right into anything that moves - hot wheel cars, dump trucks etc . and jumping out of trees, in other words, a pretty full on kid. Dad always wanted a bike himself when he was little but it didn't happen.  So, as soon as Jontae could manage on 2 wheels, Dad bought him a bike. Jontae took 3 weeks to learn to ride. He broke his leg last Aprl which slowed him down a little for a while but he finished in the top 5 at the recent Minis under Lights at Tokoroa. Jontae loves the riding, loves the racing but loves playing with the other kids he sees at the meets. He's a very sociable young man.

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