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Logan Blackburn

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Pukekohe Round 4 MX Nationals March 15th 2015

Well that's a wrap up for the 2015 Motocross nationals. The Last round in Pukekohe yesterday was a really good one for me as I managed to finish all 3 races (haha). Ended up 5th for the day which I was pumped about and finished a solid 6th in the championship after only finishing 10 races out of the 12. But really happy with the progress I have made this year with my team, Team Motocity Belray Suzuki. A huge thanks to them and my mechanic Matt for having my bike 100% race ready. 

Logan Blackburn's photo.

Round 3 MX Nationals March 8th 2015

Still haven't put a round together yet after a huge crash in the last moto on the weekend. but feel strong and ready to be up front for the last round in pukekohe feel better and better. Sitting 6th in the championship still. Not where I wanted to be but let's make this weekend a good one!! Thank you to all my sponsores and supports can't do it with out you guys 

"Still haven't put a round together yet after a huge crash in the last moto on the weekend. but feel strong and ready to be up front for the last round in pukekohe feel better and better. Sitting 6th in the championship still. Not where I wanted to be but let's make this weekend a good one!! Thank you to all my sponsores and supports can't do it with out you guys @[100002046414725:2048:Sarah Smith-Coffey] @[100007774539890:2048:Derek Deanna Haywood] @[732056366:2048:Andrew Hardisty] @[100000898427382:2048:Matt Flood] @[1620081022:2048:Danielle Carden] @[602145862:2048:Aidan Belsham] @[671508199:2048:Steven Croad] @[100000661083526:2048:Andy McGechan]"

Round 2 NZ MX Nationals Timaru Feb 2015

Round 2 of the New Zealand MX nationals in Timaru was definitely an up and down round for me this year.

Practice and qualifying was definitely a skill tester. The track was WELL ripped and watered and even after 2 classes had been out before us there was still only one race line around the hole track. Got a great time felt really comfortable places 3rd fastest time.

Race 1 ...

See More
Logan Blackburn's photo.
Logan Blackburn's photo.

Woodville 25th January 2015

Well Woodville is done for another year and man it was a tough one for me!

Practice and qualifying was really wet and boggy in places and really one lined. I felt tight on the bike and didn't ride how I had liked to. Qualified 17th.

Race 1
Got a mid pack start but was able to make acouple quick passes to put me inside the top 10 then went down in a corner which put me back to 17th. I made my way up to 15th then had another crash then pushed to the finish and didn't give up finishing 14th.

Race 2
Race 2 was a 4 lap sprint which was really tough for me as I had a really bad start out side the top 10 again and couldn't make any ground finishing 14th.

Race 3 
I got a great start in 1st around the first corner but went 2 wide and people got got up the inside of me. Sat in 8th before passing nick Saunders then had a crash with my team mate ended up 11th.

14th overall

Overall I didn't ride how I know I can but I know what I gotta work on before nationals start in 2 weeks

Tokoroa Round 2 2014 MX Nationals 23rd Feb

 Well it was a bad day for me yesterday. Had some bad luck and just didn't get break. 1st Moto had bike problems limping to the finish line finished 5th. Second Moto collided with another rider in the air and went down then had another crash managed to get back to 3rd. Last race got the hole shot and was leading for half of the race until I had a crash and put me out of the last Moto. Positives out of yesterday I didn't end up in hospital I'm still fit and well bring on pukekohe. Big Thanks to my team Altherm JCR yamaha.

Comments from Logan 20th Feb 2014 :  Click here

Timaru Round 1 2014 MX Nationals 8th Feb

Mint day won the overall for the day, leading the championship by 1 point bring on round 2 at Tokoroa big thanks to Josh Coppins and the Altherm JCR yamaha team .

Woodville 2014 Jan 27th

Rough day for me yesterday race one got hit and bent my gear leaver under my motor having to stop after doing a whole lap in first gear to get Dad to bend it out from under my bike. Made my way up to 9th. Second race got the Moto win. Second race passed from 4th to 1st then had bike problems ended the race for me . Ah well, still had a good battle with the guys in the last Moto, was good fun . See everyone at first round of nationals at Timaru 

Update July 1st 2013

He is currently sitting 9th (U19s) in the Monster energy Australian nationals, still has 5 rounds to go!

He rode last weekend in the Queensland Cup in Townsville.  Three days of riding in 27Deg heat.

He competed in the MX2 class along side some of the top Australian riders.  He had a few crashes and was struggling with some new suspension,  he finished 7th overall for the weekend!!! Really happy with the placing but dissapointed as he could have done alot better if the bike had been handling better.  Although he is riding a stock standard YZ250!!! very few of them around over here.


Round 1 Australian Nationals 14th April 2013

Practice: Track looked amazing and fun with some awesome big jumps and I couldnt wait to get out on the track. My class the U19 had to qualify so there was 10 min practice and 10 min qualifying with 60 fast kids trying to qualify into the 40 gate line up. I went out there got the feel of the track and started to put down some fast times. I was extremely nervous as I have never have rid australia nationals before. qualifyed 17th was glade to qualify.

Race 1: the track was starting to get real rough so had to find some clean smooth lines in the sight lap . Got off to an alright start in the top 15 made some quick passes and also made a few mistakes . track was getting really cut up so had to find some good lines. I was battling with jake Emanuelli for 10thdidnt have enough time to get around him finished 11th.

Race 2: Got a better start in the top 10 . past Meg Rutledge and another couple people . track was insanely rough by this time and you had to focus . managed my way up to 7th. good result . but I think I can do better .

Sitting in 6th Overall

Round 3 NZ Champs Pukekohe     10 March 2013

 The track had been well watered,  which in a drought isnt an easy thing.  The club hadn't changed anything on it so I felt comfortable and confident.  I was ready for a good days racing!

I went out for practice and took my time and sorted some good lines.  It was very boggy in places.  I didnt push it too hard as with the sticky clay all over the bike it made the bike very heavy.  I put in a couple of good laps and qualified 5th.  I was happy with that.

Race 1:  I got an awesome start and found my rhythm fast and set in for a good race.  The track had dried out a lot. I pulled a 8 sec lead and finished 1st.

Race 2: Another great start! 2nd round the holeshot corner and followed Aaron Wiltshier for the 1st lap.  I passed him and pulled away.  1st.

Race 3: I got another awesome start slotted into 3rd and managed to take the lead by the 2nd corner.  Then I made a mistake and went down but being at the front meant that I had the pack behind me and some of them just couldn't dodge my bike. A few ran it over but it took me a long time to get on and get going.  I was a long way last!  But I pushed the hardest I have ever ridden.  I needed to get to 6th place to still take the win for the day.  I made it up to 5th!!!  Wow what a race!

I had a great day,  just disappointed that I crashed in the last race. 


1st   Me      YAMAHA

2nd  Cam Vaughan     YAMAHA

3rd Aaron Wiltshier     KTM

I look forward to the last round in Taupo on 31st March.  I go in with just a 4 point gap between 1st and 2nd place!  It will be exciting racing.

NZ Senior MX  Champs Round 2 Patetonga 24 Feb 2013

Practice:  The track was really boggy and the club had over watered it so the 1st lap

was an orange swimming pool.  After the 3 lap practice we got the green flag

to start qualifying.  I put in a few fast laps and managed to put in the fastest

by 2 seconds!  It all felt good.

Race 1:  Shocking start. My back wheel spun off the concrete start pad but I managed to

get to 2nd place within the 1st lap.  But fellow Yamaha rider Cam Vaughan

got the jump and was too far out in front,  I tried to pull him in but just couldn’t

get there. Finished 2nd.

Race 2:  I got away better this time.  I took the early lead and began to put down some

solid laps until I had a crash and Cam got past me. We battled for a lap

until I dropped it again!  Finished 2nd again!

Race 3:  I got a great start, sitting 2nd and pushed past the bike in front pretty quickly

and set out to push,  I extended my lead by 15 seconds until I made a small

mistake and dropped it again! I misjudged a rather large rut.  I got up

quickly though and kept my lead but I had lost 5 seconds.  I was

determined to win this one and I did!! 1st!!

I had a good day with 2nd for the day and now sitting 2nd overall for the series.  There are 2 more rounds  to go.  Round 3 is on 10 March at Pukehohe.

NZ Nationals Round 1 Timaru 10th Feb 2013

The track had changed a lot from last  year.  There were a lot more big jumps and the start straight had been shortened.  The track had been ripped and watered so I hoped for a good day.  The temp spiked at 35degs!!!! and with the near 30min races it was a hard day.

I qualified 7th,  I just couldnt find my rythum.  But I think everyone was alittle off balance.

I got a good start in the 1st race but just couldnt settle and I droped it, front wheel just washed out, I droped back to 10th so I had to sort it out and fast!  I pushed hard and managed to get up to 5th and I just lost concentration alittle and dropped it again,  I knew I only had a few laps left to get back up to top 3. finished 3rd

2nd race started the same as the 1st. I settled into 2nd place for most of the race then the leader dropped it and I took the lead, but I had been struggling with arm pump and I was having trouble hanging on to the handle bars,  and I washed out again 1 lap out from the finish. Finished 3rd.

Again my start was hot.  I was feeling the temp,  It was just so hot.  I just wanted to finish the day in top 3,  which I did.  Finished 2nd

I was a long hot hot day but I achieved what I had planned and that was to finish on the podium for the day, 3rd overall 2 points behind Cam Vaughan.  It was a Yamaha podium with Courtney Duncan taking the win.

2013 NZ Grand Prix Woodville 27th January 2013


I felt really good coming into the day and couldnt wait to get on the bike.  The track had been well prepared and watered.  I took my time and had a good look at the track before I started qualifying. Qualified 2nd fastest


I got a mid pack start, in about 8th,  The track had started to dry out and there were some good lines and rutts forming.  I managed to work through and get up to 3rd place but ran out of race time.  3rd


I got another shocking start! Again about 8th.  I pushed through and within the 1st lap I had made it through to 3rd.  Then I made a bad line choice and went down in the mud.  I had lost a couple of places back at 5th now.  There was a big gap from me to the front pack so I pushed harder and again I dropped it in the same corner!  And dropped back to 7th!


A better start this time! In 3rd.  I pushed through and before I knew it I was in the lead and thats where I stayed!  Winning with a 13sec lead!!  wow what a race!



Blackburn on two podiums

18 Jul 2012

Te Puke’s Logan Blackburn was one of very few riders to tackle two classes at this year’s New Zealand Motorcycle TT Championships, but he quickly proved he had plenty of strength, stamina, speed and the winning machinery to accept the challenge.
Racing on farmland at Kuratau, at the south-western tip of Lake Taupo, at the weekend, Blackburn certainly made the most of his time, dealing to 10 races over the two days.
The 18-year-old Blackburn (Bayride Motorcycles Yamaha YZ125) won four out of five races in the senior 125cc class, and was runner-up in the other, to finish the weekend a solid 19 points clear of eventual No.2 rider Garth Amrein (Bayride Motorcycles Yamaha YZ125), of Katikati.
Not content with that, Blackburn also rolled a Yamaha YZ250F four-stroke to the line to tackle the MX2 class as well.
But that’s where Blackburn met his match, Waitakere’s former national motocross champion Ethan Martens (Yamaha New Zealand YZ250F) proving himself to be similarly dominant, finishing his weekend 1-1-1-2-1 to take the title, leaving Blackburn to settle for the No.2 spot on the podium with 2-4-3-7-2 results.

 “I’m pretty pleased with that ... first in one class and second in the other,” said Blackburn afterwards.
“I crashed in my second 125cc race and Garth (Amrein) won it.
“I have been training pretty hard and have a personal trainer now. I’m a lot fitter than ever before but I still have work to do,” said Blackburn, who won the New Zealand 125cc senior GP title at Woodville at the start of the year and followed that by finishing third in the 125cc senior motocross nationals.
“You could say it’s been a good 12 months for me,” he laughed.

 Martens was beaten only once en route to winning the MX2 (250cc) class – shaded by fellow Yamaha rider Callum Moore (Maidstone Yamaha YZ250), of Featherston – when he uncharacteristically crashed.
Moore finished his weekend 6-3-2-1-10 in the MX2 division, eventually taking the third step on the podium and making it a Yamaha 1-2-3 in the class.
Meanwhile, Whakatane’s Darren Capill (Ocean Yamaha YZ450F and WR450F) was another to race more than one class and also feature on the podium more than once.
Capill finished runner-up to Te Awamutu’s Kevin Archer in the Enduro category and second to fellow Yamaha ace Toby Summers, of Auckland, in the veterans’ over-35 years’ class.
It was actually a Yamaha 1-2-3-4 at the top of this veterans’ grade, Summers and Capill doing enough to edge out Taranaki’s Mitch Rowe (Yamaha YZ450F) and Auckland’s John Penny (Yamaha YZ250F).

Words and photo by Andy McGechan,

TT NATIONALS TAMARANUI  14th and 15th of July 2012

Practice first day: The track was really good had some cool corners and some super long straights, took sometime to learn the track and where the corners were  and when to brake etc. but got there in the end . I did two classes.

1st Race 125cc: Had a good start in 2nd I past the person in front on the first lap and continued to pull a comfortable lead the track was starting to form some lines. finished 1st.

2nd Race 125cc: Got a good start in 2nd around the first corner behind Garth Amerin. I eventually took a inside line passing him pulling a bit of a gap finishing 1st.

3rd Race 125cc: Got a good start in 1st around the holeshot corner stayed there for afew laps and then washed out in a corner and dropped back to 4th . Then found some fast lines then catch Scott Bar Smith and Jacob Kneebone finishing 2nd.

4th Race 125cc: Got a great start in 1st around the holeshot corner began to pull away finding some good lines and staying out of the rough finishing 1st.

5th Race 125cc: Got the holeshot got a good lead and just saved energy and did what I could to maintain the lead finishing 1st. 1st OVERALL

1st Race MX2 (250cc): Got a great start holeshoted and lead for a lap until Ethan Martens past me and began to pull away from me . I sat in a comfortable 2nd . Finished 2nd

2nd Race MX2 (250cc): Got a 3rd place start stayed there for most of the race until Brad Groombridge got by me. By this stage the track was forming and getting rough. finishing 4th.

3rd Race MX2 (250cc): Got a alright start in around 6th then quickly shot up the inside of the first corner jumping into 2nd place with Callum Moore right behind me. He eventually makes the pass then finishing in 3rd.

4th Race MX2 (250cc): Got a alright start in midpack working my way back up into 4th then came into a corner and dropped it in a rut and went back 16th worked my way up to 7th.


5th Race MX2 (250cc): Got a great start in first . Stayed in 1st until the last lap when Ethan Martens got me. Finishing 2nd. This stage the track was a bog and the rain started to settle in . 2nd OVERALL.

NZ Nationals Round 4 Taupo  18th March 2012 :  Class125cc/Under 21 Yrs


PRACTICE/QUALIFYING:  I had a good qualifying, found some good lines and had a good look at the track. We were the first out so it was very smooth so I knew the first race would be different conditions. Qualified 3rd fastest.

RACE 1: I got a 5th place start, jumped into 4th around the second corner and then in the second lap I hit a tyre and it bent my gear leaver around so it was really hard to change gear. Then, in the next lap, I crashed in the sawdust.  By the time I got back on my bike 2 riders had passed me, struggling with my bent gear lever I lost another placing! Finished 8th. Check out the crash pics.

RACE 2:  The track had really roughed up at this point and I had to really focus, especially through the sawdust! I got a 4th place start and started to close the gap in on Cameron Vaughan but made a mistake on a berm and went down, finishing 4th.

RACE 3: Got an awesome start in 1st around the holeshot corner but had Micah Mcgoldrick hot on my tail most of the race until he got me through the inside of a corner having 4 laps to go. Cameron Vaughan was also right behind us. He managed to get by me. I finished 3rd.

I finished 4th overall for the day

CHAMPIONSHIP PLACINGS for  both Nat 125 and under 21s

1ST Micah McGoldrick

2nd Cam Vaughan

3rd ME!

I had a good season, winning my first NZ title in a long time at NZ GRAND PRIX (Woodville).

And finishing 3rd at NZ Champs.

Specal thanks to Niki Urwin for the training.



NZ MX Champs Round 3 Harrisville 4th March 2012  Class: 125cc National/Under 21s

The track looked groomed to perfection and the track was watered the perfect amount, the sun was out which was the main thing!

PRACTICE /QUALIFYING: With a big 30min practice I had a good play with the track to get the most speed out of the corners, did a couple of hot laps and was sitting in 6th then I went out for one more fast lap on the last lap finishing in 2nd - a much better result.

RACE 1: I got an average start in about midpack. I got  through in the first couple of corners in 4th, passed Ryan Thompson and Callum May in the first lap. Cameron Negus was out front, I managed to catch him and pass him for the lead. I started to pull a bit of a gap from 1st to 2nd but Micah McGoldrick KTM rider was starting to reel me in. I made a little mistake and he got by me. I settled for 2nd.  Good solid first race.

RACE 2: I got a good start in 3rd around the first corner behind Micah Mcgoldrick and Cameron Vaughan. I settled into a solid 3rd position finishing 3rd.

RACE 3: I got an awesome start, 1st around the holeshot corner.  I led  for most of the race with Micah hot on my tail. Then he took a better line, passing me for the win. I finished 2nd.

RESULTS :1st  Micah McGoldrick KTM        2nd ME! Yamaha   3rd Cameron Vaughan Yamaha

Series Placings after round 3: 1st Micah McGoldrick  2nd Cameron Vaughan   3rd Me

Thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me and a special thanks to Nicky Urwin for the training

and Yamaha for the new Bike!

My next event will be the last round of the NZ Senior champs in Taupo on the 18th of March.


NZ MX Nationals Round 2 Patetonga 26 Feb 2012

125s/Under 21s:  The track looked really good the sun was shining and I was ready for a good days racing.

PRACTICE /QUALIFYING:  With a big 30min practice I took my time and sussed out my lines and got a good feel of the track qualified 1st.

RACE 1: I got a good start in 3rd  behind Cameron Negus and Micah Mcgoldrick Made a mistake out the back and Cameron Vaughan got by me. I caught Cameron Negus passed him for 3rd until I had bike troubles and could'nt end the race. DNF.

RACE 2: I got a midpack start had to get use to the brand new bike in 6th made my way up into 4th passing Cameron Negus, Eli manson and Callum May in two laps finishing 4th right behind Garth Amrein.

RACE 3: Got another midpack start caught up to 3rd in the first lap rode a strong race focusing on my technique finishing 3rd.

Had a bit of bad luck but hey it happens in motocross that's what its all about.

A special thanks to Nicky Urwin for the training

My next event will be the 3rd round of the NZ Senior champs in Pukekohe (Harrisville) on the 4th March

NZ Senior MX Champs 12 February 2012  Timaru

Class: 125cc/Under 21Yr

This was the weekend I had been waiting for.  The Backflips track at the Mcknight property was pretty much the same as last year.  They hadn't had any rain down there so they were watering furiously.  Mr McKnight had ripped the track and it looked good.  I was ready to ride!  The weather was a little colder than we had expected, temps reaching only 17deg at best!

PRACTICE/QUALIFYING:  I had a slow start to qualifying as we had a full 30mins to put in a fast lap, and as the track dried out with each lap, my times got faster and faster.  Qualified 4th

Race 1:  I got a great start behind Micah McGoldrick, but Micah overshot the 1st corner and I came out in front. I pushed hard for the 1st 4 laps but Micah came back at me and I had to settle for 2nd.

Race 2:  The track had changed a lot and had really dried out, the MX1 and MX2 races had made a lot of good ruts.  I didn't get a great start but managed to push my way through and finished 3rd.

Race 3:  Again I got a really bad start, just couldn't get any grip through my back wheel, came around the 1st corner in 11th!  Again I had to play catch up pushing through the field but I ran out of race, I got right up to the 3rd place rider but just couldn't get past before the finish flag, 4th


1st Micah Mcgoldrick

2nd Cam Vaughan

3rd Logan Blackburn

 I had a good weekend, not the place I was hoping for but only 2 points off 2nd.  My bike went really well thanks to my dad. 

Special thanks to the McKnight family for letting us stay with them and all the extra support from Jeremy and Megan!

My next event is the 2nd round of the Nats on 26th Feb at Patetonga


Grand Prix title for teenager

Te Puke teenager Logan Blackburn claimed his first major senior motocross success with victory in the 125cc class at the New Zealand GP at Woodville on Sunday

Te Puke teenager Logan Blackburn claimed his first major senior motocross success with victory in the 125cc class at the New Zealand GP at Woodville on Sunday

GHPhoto - Greg Henderson

When Logan Blackburn began his final year at Tauranga Boys College yesterday he did so as a newly-crowned New Zealand Grand Prix winner.

Blackburn, 17, secured the biggest win of his motocross career on Sunday taking out the senior 125cc title at the annual NZ Grand Prix at Woodville.

It was a successful day for BOP riders with the 125cc podium also featuring Rotorua's Cameron Vaughan (Yamaha) who was two points behind Blackburn while Katikati's's Garth Amrein (Yamaha) was third and Tauranga's Scott Barr-Smith (Honda) claimed fourth overall.

Blackburn was third in the opening race behind Canterbury's Micah McGoldrick (KTM) and Vaughan. He led the second moto for four laps but began to suffer arm-pump and finished second to Vaughan and completed the day leading from start to finish in the third moto win to clinch the GP crown as Vaughan raced back to fourth place after an early crash.

As well as the GP title, Blackburn was awarded the Rod Shirriffs Memorial Trophy for the best performance by an under-21 125cc rider.

Blackburn said coaching help from Tauranga's Niki Urwin has made a big difference to his riding.

"Niki has been helping me for about four months. We're working on the mental side as well as basic skills and it's helped me to be more relaxed," said Blackburn.

"I got good starts on Sunday and was second out the first corner in each race which put me in position to pass for the lead."

Next on the agenda for Blackburn is the 125cc class of the New Zealand MX Nationals which start at Timaru on February 12.

"My goal was to be top-five in the nationals [he was tenth last year on debut in the senior ranks] but I think top-three is possible."

Logan's Report: New Zealand Grand Prix (Woodville) 29th January 2012

As usual the track at Woodville was Fast and exciting.  The only track in NZ that is only used once a year and only for this annual event.  I was really looking forward to getting on my bike and having some fun!

The weather didnt start out the best with strong gusty winds and showers in the morning but as the day went on the sun came out and the gusts droped to a strong breeze.


With the wind gusts in the morning proving to be a problem I took my time in the first two look laps and got a feel for the track.  I put in four hot laps and qualified 7th.


I got off the line fast rounding the 1st corner in 2nd behind Blair Holdt, I past him in that lap and pushed hard to try and put a gap on the bikes behind me but Micah McGoldrick was just to fast for me to hold off, he had a very fast line just after the super jump, we had a good battle for a lap then the dredded arm pump kicked in and I had to back off alittle.  Cam Vaughan then past me with a lap to go.  I had to settle for 3rd.


Again I got a good start, 2nd again behind Blair Holdt!.  I past him quickly leaving a big pile up of bikes on th holeshot corner and really gave it everything  to try to put some space between me and the pack behind me.  I lead for the 1st four laps but again I got arm pump and had to slow.  Cam Vaughan got past me and I finished 2nd.

RACE 3    

Not such a good start this time but managed to come out of the start corner in front again!  I knew I had to push hard to put a big gap between me and the other bikes,  especially Cam, and I did.  I led for the entire race! 1st!!!


1st    Me!!!! NZ Grand Prix Champion!!!

2nd   Cam Vaughan Yamaha

3rd   Garth Amrein Yamaha

Also a surprise at Prize giving that there was a special trophy for the best under 22yr 125cc rider.(The Rod Shirriffs memorial trophy).  What a fantastic trophy to have for the year. 

Wow! what a great weekend with a fantastic result.  My bike ran like a dream thanks to Mark at Mspec and my Dad.  I do have to sort the arm pump issue. 

Thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me:

Bayride motorcycles, Backflips clothing, Tauranga BP, Scott, Tauranga MCC, Anchor Primo, Mspec Racing, Shoei, Maddix Park,, Madmax photography, Michellin tyres. and MUM & DAD.

And special thanks to Nicky Urwin for the training

My next event will be the 1st round of the NZ Senior champs in Timaru on the 12 Feb.

Summercross Dec 2011

1st day :  Class:15 to 21 Years YMX

Practice went great had some good lines felt good on the bike and went out and had some fun ended up qualifying 6th which was a good effort regarding I was racing against 250cc .

Race 1:  Got a mid pack start ended up catching my way up to 5th battling with Jacob Kneebone. We got together on a corner and both of us went down putting me in 9th.

Race 2:  I got an alright start again, caught my way up in the first lap, managed to jump into 6th. Hayden Kanters and I were battling for 5th, swapping from 5th to 6th just about the whole race.  I ended up passing him and catching Broc Martens.  Finished 5th.

Race 3 :  Got a bad start, mid pack again in 18th place. I managed to catch my way up to 7th. Finished 7th.

6th overall for the day

2nd day :  Class:16 to 17 Years 125 JMX

Practice :  The start of the day was good, had some overcast weather which was good as it was extremely hot the day before. Track was nice and smooth making it hard to try to find fast sneaky lines because they weren’t formed yet. Qualified 3rd.

1st Race:  Got a good start in 2nd got into the rhythm of things until I made a little mistake and Liam Underwood got past me but finally found speed and good lines and got past him again.  By that stage Dion had pulled a gap.  Finished 2nd.

2nd Race:  Got a great start in 2nd, stayed there for the whole race, couldn’t quite get close enough to Dion Picard. Finished 2nd.

3rd Race:  Got a good start but also in 2nd.  Stayed there for the whole race, got even closer to Dion Picard, but not close enough.  Finished 2nd.

1st Dion Picard

2nd Logan Blackburn

3rd Kurtis Lilly

My next big event is Woodville 29 January 2012

Auckland Champs : 20th November2011

 Weather & Track Conditions: I haven’t ridden at Harrisville for at least 3years, ha ha not my favourite track! Nothing had changed at all! Just the same red clay, which when wet is slippery and sticky and when dry it becomes a one line track.  Thankfully the day was a dry one with a good strong wind.

Practice: Started out ok.  But two laps down and my newly rebuilt race bike just stopped! Nearly sending me face first into a berm! Back to the trusty practice bike for the day! Bugga!

Race 1: Not a good start, I got pushed into the tyres on the holeshot corner.  Had nothing to lose now and just went hard, but my bike was sluggish, I managed to work my way up to 7th.

Race 2: With a gearing and jet change the bike was feeling a lot better.  I was 3rd around the hole shot and challenged from there.  Chase Smith pulled a 2 sec lead on me and I was being pushed by Cameron Vaughan,  Cameron tried to block pass me and we ended up coming together. I had to change my line otherwise we were both headed for a big crash.  I managed to get past him again, until we came together again on the exit from a double berm and he fell.  I pushed on but couldn’t quite get Chase.  I finished 2nd.

Race 3: I got a shocking start but I really wanted a place on the podium so I knew I had to push hard.  I worked my way through the field and got up to the top 3 but just pushed a little hard into a corner and clipped the bike in front of me and I went down,  Then I just ran out of race time to get back up there and finished 4th.

3rd overall !!!!

The club put on a great day of racing and I think I broke my phobia of the Harrisville track! The unfortunate event of the day was being purple flag protested by Cameron Vaughan over the clash we had in the 2nd race.  The steward and the riders’ rep's conclusion of the incident was that it was a fair pass as I was on the inside berm and I was in front of him.  It was just good hard racing.  This is the 'Seniors' after all, not the minis!

I was happy with my result, especially as I was on my practice bike.

My next event will be SUMMER CROSS 2011

NZ TT Champs, Kuratau 24th July 2011

Practice went well; it was a nice grass paddock, a speed way like track.  I found some sneaky lines and was ready for the weekend.

First Race;  I got a mid pack start in 5th around the first corner, in the third lap I passed Callum Moore but in the same lap I got passed Ryan Thompson.  Then on the lap after that, my bike started playing up. It turned out the tip of the spark plug came off. DNF. Not a good start to the weekend!.

Second Race; Ryan Thompson lent me a KTM to ride for the next two races. In the second race, his bike played up, No brakes!!!! I finished 5th. We got it sorted for the next race.

Third Race; Got a mint start in 3rd, got my rhythm, found some good lines and passed Micah McGoldrick and pushed to catch Ryan Thompson. Caught Ryan but didn’t have enough time in the race to bang bars with him. Finished 2nd.

Day 2

Fourth Race; Dad fixed my bike and my Yamaha was ready to go . I got a really bad start  but caught up to 3rd, passing Micah McGoldrick.

Fifth Race; Got a great start in 3rd. I started to get my lines sorted and slowly started to catch Callum Moore. Callum made a mistake and crashed over a berm. But on the last lap, I did the same but more high speed, crashed big and bit a chunk out of my tongue. DNF.

A special thanks to the Thompson Family for letting me use their  practice bike.   Also thank you everyone who’s supporting me this year.

My next big event is the Taupo Extravaganza .

Junior Nationals 2011 Tokoroa Easter Weekend

Friday: Practice was good, the track was groomed to perfection and the weather wasn’t looking too bad. 15 to 16 class was fourth so we had some formed lines when we got out there. Had a good look and felt good.

Qualifying was pretty sweet.  The track was starting to form into a proper race track and I managed to qualify 4th. The top 5 were half a second in between each other.

First race was a disaster.  Crashed in the first corner, managed to catch up to 8th in the first 2 laps and then highsided and hurt an old injury with my shoulder that I had had two weeks prior to the event. Managed my way up to 12th but not good!

Saturday:  Second race was much better. Got an amazing holeshot, held first for a couple of laps then Hamish Harwood passed me. Managed to stick with him for a lap and then Micah McGoldrick got by me as I stuffed up in a rut. Cameron Vaughan just got me on the last lap. My shoulder very sore after that one. 4th pretty good.

Third race got 6th out of the first corner, caught my way up to 4th and started to catch James Anderson but there wasn’t enough time . 4th

Fourth race was good. Got out in 3rd, found some good fast smooth lines. Managed to catch Cameron Vaughan but pushed a little too hard in a corner and spun out.  Finished 3rd.

Fifth race got a bad jump off the gate, cut up the inside, got out in 4th.  In the second lap James Anderson tried to pass me but I blocked him and pushed forward to catch Cameron Vaughan. I stuck with Cameron the whole race hoping he would make a mistake. Finished 4th.

I finished a disappointing 5th overall and said farewell to being a Junior.

Thank you to everyone who supported me through the 2010/11 season.  I really appreciate it.

Round 4 of the Demon Energy Senior Nationals.  New Plymouth 27 MARCH 2011

Practice was alright except for the muddy track and the bad visibility due to the fog. Had to do my best with the conditions, found some good lines, ended up with a worrying 15th.

1st race got a great start in 7th then went down in an off camber corner and went back to 10th , I got a good rhythm on after that and caught up to 8th and then got stuck going up the hill, put me back to 15th, not good.

2nd race got a mint start in 4th and then slid up the up ramp of the first jump and slid off the other side of the track. I managed to keep it on 2 wheels and come around in 7th. I had a crash in a corner that was slippery and finished 10th

3rd race got an alright start in 8th, started to get a good rhythm until I came down the big hill too fast and hit a rut and it sent me off balance, flung me off my bike. Got back up in 11th then I battled with Kent Morley, managed to pass him in the last lap, finishing 10th.

Finished 10th overall in 125cc class, 7th overall in under 21s.


Practice went great, found some good lines and the track was really set up mint. I put in some solid fast laps and managed to find myself in 4th which was really good until Tom Managh got me on the last lap by 20th of a second. 5th qualifier.

1st race got a shocking start in 15th then Josh Jack took me down and caused a pile up, then the next lap I blew a berm out and slid out. Basically last, caught up to 14th.

I came off from the 1st race with a migraine headache which really knocked me.  Thanks to DKs team of physios and chiropractors they got me back on my bike only minutes before the second race.

2nd race got an alright start in mid pack about 15th and had a good battle with a couple of people. The track was getting really rough, ended up finishing the race in 9th.

3rd race got an awesome start around the first corner 1st equal. 3 people got past me, Scott Barr- Smith , Ethan Martens and Cam Negus. Sitting in fourth for most of the race when I made a mistake and Ryan Thompson and Josh Jack got past me. Finished 7th.

Finished 9th overall for the day in the 125 class and 8th in the under 21s. Next weekend is the final round in Taranaki.

Demon Energy NZ National Champs Round 2  Patetonga 27.02.11

The day started cold and damp.  The track looked great and the club had done a great job on the prep.

Practice & Qualifying: I had a good practice and qualified 11th. Not as good as I had hoped but tried to stay positive.

Race 1:  I got an OK start but the track had dried out a lot since my practice.  There were some good ruts forming.  I felt comfortable and the bike was running well.  Then from behind someone hit my back wheel and I went down and the bike flipped end for end.  Still in one piece and with a fat lip, I got back up and started the chase for the top 10.  Then another bike got out of control in a rut and fell on top of me and I went down again!  But this time the bike was damaged, the rear bike lever was jammed onto the foot peg so I rode the rest of the race with no brakes.  But I did manage to hold onto my current position of 15th.

Race 2:  I got a good jump off the line but I got taken down on the holeshot corner (last)!!!  My leg got stuck under the bike and it hurt like hell!  I managed to get going again and fight my way through. Finished a disappointing 18th.

Race 3:  With nothing to lose, I was willing to do anything to get a good ride this time.  Started well in 6th and settled into the ride of the day.  Unfortunately I got passed by a couple of faster riders and then started a fun battle with Kawasaki rider Evan Hood.  We swapped positions a couple of times then he managed to pull a gap that I just couldn’t make up.  Finished 9th.

Not a good day at all.  Finished 12th overall for the day in the under 21s.  Sitting 9th overall for the series so far.

Looking forward to the next round in Rotorua on March 20th.

Senior Nationals Round 1 Timaru  20/2/11

Practice: Practice didn’t go too well for me. The track was really boggy and my bike was missing so I could hardly get a good lap in. Found some good lines, had to just deal with my bike for practice. Qualified 16th.

Race 1: Got a really bad jump off the gate, around the first corner in 20th, got past a few people in the first lap, in 14th, charged to the end managing to pass Ryan Thompson. Finished 13th.

Race 2: Got a great start, in 7th around the first corner, stayed there for a few laps until Tom Managh block passed me coming into a corner.  I managed to stay with him for a bit until Josh Jack passed me when I hit a tyre and managed to go off the track but stayed on my bike. Rode a good race, finished 9th.

Race 3: Got an alright start, in 11th around the first corner, caught Stuart Young and passed him which put me in 10th.  Then got loose and went off the race line into the soft mud and he managed to get passed me. I managed to hold Evan Hood off and was behind Stuart . We battled until the last lap when he pipped me on the finish line. Finished 12th

I’m sitting 10th overall in the under 21's and 12th in the in the national 125cc

Round 2 is on this weekend at Patetonga.


Friday  Day 1    Junior 15/16yr 125cc

RACE 1- I felt great, I got a great start powering around the holeshot corner in 3rd. The bike wasn’t performing right, but I kept pushing. Battling with Liam Underwood (KTM), swapping positions for the last 2 laps until I finally managed to pull away and put a good safe gap between us. Fantastic ride, finished 2nd.

Saturday Day 2

RACE 2- Saturday Race 2 waking up to rain! Not feeling too bad after a rough night with a migraine.

I got out of the gate in 5th, the track was nothing like the day before. It was now very slippery and boggy in places. I rode hard but a safe race, finished 5th.

RACE 3- The rain had stopped but the wind had got up, making it very difficult over the jumps. I got a bad start but I managed to pass up into 5th on the first lap. I passed Jacob Kneebone  and pulled away but by that stage Campbell King was the next person to catch,  but he was too far ahead!  Finished 4th.

Result: 4th Overall


I rode a hard and fast race . Pushed my way to 3rd behind Dion Picard and Brandon Tipene. and slowly started advancing on Brandon. But my energy levels were a little low and I backed off a little and Cullam Moore got past me. Couldn’t believe it!!! I pushed hard but just couldn’t get back past him. Finished 4th.

SENIOR DAY!!!  125 Grand Prix

RACE 1- Had a not bad start in 9th, past into 8th, then I had Mike Cotter on my tail pushing me.  I managed to catch Evan Hood , Mike made a mistake behind me and went down over the super jump, managed to get passed Evan, finished 7th.

RACE 2- Got a bad start in 10th, got past into 8th place in the first lap. I got held up by Cameron Higgins. We swapped positions every lap but I couldn’t make any of the passes stick. Finished 8th.

Result: 7th Over All

A special  thanks to John Appel for helping me out on the weekend I really appreciate it.

And to all who support me.

My next event is the 1st round of senior champs in Timaru on the 20th February

Supercross Round 2 Taupo 3rd January 2011

Practice went great, got a good feel to the track, did all the jumps and got good rythm and then started to add speed each lap. The track was nice and smooth and flowing.

Qualifying was a bad part for me. I over jumped a jump and hurt my back, had to do one fast lap on the last lap. Managed 7th. Shocker!


First race got a great start, in second behind Dion Picard , but Micah McGoldrick got past me.  I stayed in 3rd until I crashed in a rocky corner and finished 9th.

Second race I got an alright start in 6th.  Started to catch 5th and then went down in the woops but ended up losing no positions.  Finished 6th.

Third race got a good start in 5th, got a good rythem and started to make some moves. I passed Micah McGoldrick and  Brandon Mays on the last corner, finished 3rd.

I was 4th overall.

Thanks for everyones support.   My next event will be Woodville on the 28th January. 

Tokoroa Supercross Nationals Round 1  11th December 2010

The track was mint but the day looked like it was going to rain.The practice went surprisingly smoothly, jumped every jump perfect and tried to go faster every lap through the woops building my confidence up every lap.

RACE 1- Got an average  jump out of the gate came around the corner in 6th then got past through the woops. Stayed in 7th for the hole race getting the grips of the track and how to get faster in other spots. Finished 7th.

RACE 2- Got another bad start, in 7th around the first corner, passed my way through into 5th and pushing Cambell King to get passed him. Finished 4th.

RACE 3- Got another bad start in 6th, stayed in that position, track was getting a bit greasy, finished 6th.

Overall 6th for round 1 

Tauranga Club Day: Sunday 12th December

Practice went good had a good look at the new part they added to the track. Had a good day, won all three junior 125 races and won the overall in that class. I also won two out of the three senior 125 races and got 2nd in the other and got second overall in that class. Was a really hot day but a good one!

Taupo Labour Weekend Extravaganza 24th October 2010

Saturday: 15 to 16 Years  125cc class.

Practice: The track was groomed to perfection the jumps were nice and big. I went out there and felt nice and strong on the new 2011 Yamaha fresh out of the box ready for the two days of hard out racing. I did a fast lap to go towards my gate pick for the day and managed to get second behind Dion Picard.

1st Race: Got a mint start, got the hole-shot but went a bit wide around the corner and Liam Underwood got past me.  I began to push him trying to get past but couldn’t quite get past him. Dion Picard got past me then I stuck behind him until we both got past Liam Underwood. Stuck behind Dion to the end. Finished 2nd.

2nd Race: Got another hole-shot, led for half of the race until I went down in the back sawdust. Got going again in 3rd with Jason Jones and Dion Picard ahead of me. I managed to catch Jason back up until he crashed, giving me second place.

3rd Race: Got another awesome hole-shot, led for the first 3 laps until my front wheel washed out in a corner and Dion Picard and Jason Jones passed me again. I just sat in 3rd as I knew I would get the number 2 trophy! Finished the race 3rd.

Overall:    Dion Picard 1st     Logan Blackburn 2nd    Jason Jones 3rd

Tokoroa Motocross Track: 5th September 2010

Practice...  The track looked nicely groomed as expected. I was doing two classes which were the Jnr125 and the Senior MX2 class so I knew it was going to be an exciting day!  The practice was good. I was feeling great but was a bit tight and didn't relax into the track. But the second practice was cool. I felt better and I had a good rhythm in and out of corners.

Race 1 MX2 class: Got a bad start, in about 10th and the track was still pretty smooth and slippery. Passed about four people in the first lap and then lost my balance in a rut and fell over a tractor tyre and then worked my way up to 6th. Finished 6th.

Race 1 125 class: Got a great start from the inside, got the holeshot & led for the first lap then I got swung off the track but managed to jump back on and only lost one position to Ryan Thomson. But I got him back in the following lap, just before the finish line. Then led for the rest of the race. Finished 1st. 

Race 2 MX2 class: Got an alright start in about 7th.  Sat in that position for a few laps then caught 2 people and passed them in the same corner and then I got stuck behind Davi Fisher. The track was slippery but had cool ruts. Finished 5th.

Race 2 125cc: I had a good start, in second behind Kurt Langford and then got stuck behind him for most of the race. Then I managed to get round him but then I made a bad decision and he managed to get round me. But then he slid out on a corner and I got past him. I stayed in the lead until I got a bit tired and Cameron Vaughan got past me on the last lap. Finished 2nd.

Race 3 MX2 class: I had a good start in 4th and then Luke Richmond crashed and  I got by him. Stayed in 3rd most of the race until I came to the rollers. I braked too hard, stalled, slid out and got run over . After I picked myself up off the ground, it was the last lap.

Thanks for all your help and support.  I'm next riding at the Tauranga Club Day this weekend, weather permitting.

Taupo Round 5.   29th August 2010

On Sunday at Taupo Club day, the track was really good. It had been raining the night before so the track was perfect - nice and grippy.

1st race 125 class: My first race was good but I got a bad start. I passed  4 people in the second corner which put me 2nd but by that stage Dion Picard had a good lead. I was catching him but there weren’t enough laps left. Overall felt good.

1st race 250 class:  My first race was good, had a great start, got third out of the first corner.  Broc Martins crashed, I managed to catch Dion again but couldn’t get him in my arms’ reach.

2nd 125 class: My second race was good. Had a mean start again, was 2nd.  It started raining but I managed to stay second, it was really slippery and really boggy.

2nd 250 class: My second race was not too bad, got an all right start, was in 4th, managed to pass one person until I crashed my front wheel, slid out around a corner and dropped back to 10th. By that stage the rain had stopped.

3rd 250 class: My third race was good, had a good start in 2nd, held my position for the whole race, had some fun with the cool ruts and sick whips .

3rd 125 race : It was raining hard so we decided to go home.

I’m still focussing on my off bike training doing weights, cycling & swimming each week. Next event will be Tokoroa this weekend and I'm continuing building for the Taupo Extravaganza in October.

Taupo 25th July 2010

On Sunday we went to Taupo.  It was great to be back on the bike after  my injury for 12 weeks.

The track was good.  I didn't do too bad but, as I really need to work on my fitness,  I didn't go hard till the end.

I got three 3rds and a 4th. I did the 250 class also, finishing 3rd out of the three motos. The track was great,

not dusty at all, had some good ruts and nice berms.

Right now I'm working hard on my fitness, cycling and swimming everyday so I will be race prep for the Taupo Extraganza.

Report 16.6.10: Yay !  I get the cast off on Monday! yay.  Will prob ride the maize paddock next weekend then I'm riding the NZ Miniture TT champs the following weekend.

Report  :  At Patetonga last weekend I broke my leg . I came over a jump, landed my foot on the foot peg in a funny way and broke both tibia and fibia. I will be back on the bike in 7 weeks time and hope to be riding at the TTs at the start of July.

Thanks for all the support

Race Report:  Junior Nationals 2010   Blenheim

The track was a natural terrain track with a lot of natural off camber corners and semi man made jumps. A very flowing and open track.


I took my time in practice trying to fine good lines but, with no ruts yet formed, it was difficult. Qualified 6th in group B placing 13th in the merged class.

Everyclass started with 2 look laps. They had watered the track overnight so the track was a little slippery.

RACE 1: I got an ok start and by the 3rd corner was sitting in 10th place. The track had dried out since the look lap. I struggled to get my rythem and find the ruts to ride. Finished 11th.

RACE 2: The track had got a lot rougher by this stage. Not a great start. I got pushed out of the first corner. Sitting 14th . Pushed hard for the 1st 2 laps and managed to work my way up to 9th. I knew I needed to be running in the top 10. Then I came in behind another rider into a rut but couldn't see properly due to the dust and missed the rut and went down. Came back at 22nd!!! . I had nothing to lose now so pushed as hard as I could to make it back up to 16th in 3 laps! Not a good result.

RACE 3:  With a gearing change, the bike was a lot more responsive to the rough track but I had blown the front right fork seal. I just hoped everything would hold together to the end. The track had gotten very rough and line choice was very important. There were some great ruts forming though. Not a good start again. I rode a comfortable 13th.

RACE 4: Sitting 14th overall. Overnight I knew I really had to work hard to get up to top 10 where I wanted to be. I got an ok start -still just not getting the jump!!. I just couldn't find the lines and my rythem. Finished 14th! not good!

RACE 5 : I finally got a good jump start , sitting 8th exactly where I thought I should be. I felt good and everything was falling into place. But half way through the race, I started feeling very tired, just couldn't push any harder and 3 riders got past me. Finished 11th.

Overall 11th equal= .  Dropped to 12th on count back.

Very disappointed with my overall result for the weekend.

I know I have a lot of work to do to get stronger for the YZ 125. My lack of strength and fitness let me down for the weekend. I guess I need to work harder since my body size is shorter than the average 125cc rider.



Woodville Grand Prix 29/30/31 January 2010 

Arrived at sunny Woodville Thursday afternoon to set up our area for the next day.  The following morning we arrived at the track .It was a late start as practice started at 12:00 due to no qualifying!

Practice went alright as I qualifyed 11th. The track was pretty good but needed more water. I felt pretty tight and a little timid about the track and the weekend ahead.

First race: Got off to a good start went round the first corner in 4th and held that position for 2 laps until I overshot a corner and Callum Moore and Josh Jack got past .By this stage the track was dangerously dusty. So I just used my head for the rest of the race. I tried to catch back up to Josh  but didn't have enough laps. Finished 6th. Great result for the first day .

Saturday started clear and dry!

Second race: The track was nice and tacky. Heaps of water had been been poured on it over night. I got off to a great start in 6th . Got in a great rhythm and stayed in that position until Josh Jack caught me up in the last lap and just passed me around the last corner. Finished 7th. Not to bad!

Third race: Got off to a good start again! in 4th and got passed on the 2nd corner because took wrong line and got passed by Ryan Thompson and Josh Jack . Managed to pull Ryan in but by the time I was right behind him it was the last lap and didn't have time to pass him. Finished 7th again.

Overall: 6th Junior 125cc 15/16yr

Was really stoked with my result, especially after only having ridden the 125 for 2 months prior!

SUNDAY (senior day)


Practice was really wet and slippery.  Basicly went round the side of the track because there were big pile ups and had to look for lines .

First race : Got a bad start in like 15th then slid out into a drain and got stuck there for most of the race. Got 25th.  Real bad!

Second race : Got a bad start again in 10th. Worked my way up to 6th and then crashed in a rut. Then I crashed again straight after. Managed to finish 15th.

Overall:17th Snr 125cc Grand Prix

They cancelled the last round due to the rain and the danger at the bridge crossing from the pit area to the track.

Thank you for all your support. 

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