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Race Report Whakatane Round 1  15th March 2012

We went down to BOP moto X club last Sunday for the first round of the series. Matt was on fire for the day and really enjoyed the track, although it did get rough by the end of the day. He had a good practice which set the tone for the day. First race was the junior open, Matt was second into the first corner and first by the third corner. He held onto first for most of the race until two laps from the end where he made a mistake in a corner and dropped back to second. For the next junior open and the three junior A races Matt got the hole shots and led to the end finishing with a healthy lead. A great day all round.

Race Report  Western Heights School MX 30th March 2012

Matt entered in the Western Heights School Moto X in Rotorua last week. He was in the 15 to 18 years 125 cc class and it was a full field of 40 riders. The track was in great condition to start with but chopped out through the day.Practice went will with Matt having the second fastest lap time which turned out to be the fourth fastest lap time of the day. First race was a peg draw and Matt had number 37, not to flash and then the concert start gates, will have to work on them. The first start was terrible with Matt rounding the first corner in about 30th place, but  was able to  caved up most of the field in two laps and finished in third place. The second race was a slightly better start, but only just, so still had to work for another third place. The third race was a much better start and settled into third place after a couple of corners finishing in third giving him third place for the day.

Race Report  Woodville 28th January 2012

We headed off to Woodville on Thursday in nice weather. Friday at the track was a different story. It started spitting around 8.00 and by 9.00 it was just pouring down, 20 mls for the morning. The day was cancelled as it was too wet. We had a slightly longer day on Saturday although the track was very muddy to start with, the weather was great all day. Matt qualified 7th in the 15-16 years 125cc in the mud and he likes it wet. First race he had a good start in 5th place after the bowl, only to get caught up in a crash further around the track. Two bikes went down in front of him and he cart wheeled over the top of them. At the end of the first lap he was in 19th position and fought his way back to 10th by the end of the race. Race two was a better start and he came home in 8th spot. Race three, the track was very dry and hard and getting faster, Matt had a good run finishing in 9th position, giving him 8th over all. Matt also qualified for the champions of champions in the 125/250 cc class where he finished in 10th place. Matt was quite happy with his result, although the crash at the start of the day did slow him up a little. Next big event is the Nationals

Race Report :  6th December 2012

We went to New Plymouth last Saturday for the King of The Mountain on Sunday. The track look great although very dry, but with a little rain over night and about two hours of rain before practice started it was in perfect condition.  Matt had a good practice ending with a lap time seven seconds faster than second place. The first two races were easy wins and the third was looking the same until Matt had a high speed crash on an off camber slippery section. He got back on, had dropped to second place so was on a mission for first place. He regained first place on the next lap only to drop his front wheel into a hole on a down hill section and had another close track inspection. This time a bit slower to get up as his arm from the first track inspection was starting to hurt. He fought back to first place to make it three from three with first place in the 12 -14 years 125cc. Matt qualified for the junior champion of champions but was unable to compete  as he was getting his arm seen too. No more races now until Woodville next year

24th Feb 2011 Crash Report

Matt had a big one, (crash) last Thursday afternoon  on a friends track down the road.  He was tripling into and out off a whoop section which was all good for a while. Matt changed his line out of the corner and into the whoops giving him more drive which meant he jumped to far. He landed with his front wheel into the face of the whoop he was jumping out from. Matt did the big superman on his own for the next five meters where he succumbed to gravity from lack for forward momentum. His bike on the other hand cart wheeled down the track  like a dog on heat with total disregard for the outcome of its actions. After bending the handle bars and breaking the rear guard it was looking for a soft landing which happened to be Matts back. He dislocated his second finger on his left hand and broke his left shoulder blade. He was lucky by 3mm in not having to have the break plated and screwed. He is doing really well for the first week and can’t wait to get back on his bike.

Patetonga Report 20th Feb 2011

Last week we went to the Valley Champs at Patatonga. The track was A1 and fast and the weather great. Matt had a bit of trouble with the concrete starts, but so did everyone else. He got an 8th, 7th and 8th ending with 8th overall. Matt has started to realise the need to be fit and has started on a fitness plan for the nationals in April.  His bike is running well with a new top end and spark plug which as it happens has being causing a miss at the top end. Today Matt went to a club day in Auckland as a bit of practice for the nationals and I got to go for a blast in the bush on my bike and scare myself.


Woodville Report 2011

Day one: Well we drove down on the Thursday for five and a half hours in the wagon. When we got to the track we went and saw the Wiltshier’s that we were pitting with and they had got us a good pit spot, so then we went for a walk around the track and had a look at the best lines around the corners. The part of the track where I was looking at the most was the big 20 metre finish jump. After about 3o minuets looking at it we left and went home to my uncle’s house 15mins down the road. The next day I was amped to go ride on the track. Then I went out for my practice and every lap I came around I didn’t have the guts to hit the finish jump, but apart from that I got an alright lap time that put me in 14th gate pick, Then around came the first race and I was sitting on the gate, the gates drop I got an awesome jump and got to the corner in 4th place then around the bowl I lost 3 places.  I stayed in 7th for the whole lap until the finish jump.  I let someone past that was doing the finish jump so I followed him into the jump and with my luck I cased it and broke my throttle body on my bike, So that gave me a DNF for the first race…


Day Two:  I got my gear on because in the morning it was so COLD, and then they asked my grade to go out for one practice lap but I didn’t go because it had been pouring down for like ten minutes before my practice and I knew that the track would change a lot before my race so there was no point, so I missed it. Since I got a DNF in the first race,  I had the worst gate pick and it was on the very outside, the gate dropped for the second time and even though I was on the outside I still got a great start with a 6th into the corner and then I got rocks hitting me from roost around the bowl.  I dropped back a bit. And finished in 12th place..  The third and finally race had came round very slowly and since I got better then a DNF, I got a good gate. The  gate dropped for the third and final time and I got an  even better start with a 3rd into the corner and then went wide and a few people passed me. I was in 9th and I sat there for a little while but I was pushing hard and almost crashed and then I dropped back to 12th again. I was tired but I knew I had to push and I saw the white flag and I put everything into the last lap and caught up five seconds and almost passed my mate but I didn’t have enough track left so I had to have another 12th, and with a DNF, 12th and 12th I got an awesome 14th overall. 

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