Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March: All tracks closed. Due to all the rain this week the tracks and access road in, need work which we are unable to do as our tractor is still waiting on mechanical work to be completed. We would love to be open but unfortunately can't.


Matthew Taute

Rider Profile


Matt is 10 years old and has been riding for 3 years. Recently upgraded to the KX 65 and has been missing his riding for about 3 months due mainly to weather and also rugby commitments. It was great to get back to Maddix over the weekend and after a tentative start he got his rhythm back and set a new PB time which has re-lit his enthusiasm and he will be seen almost every weekend from now on.  He does not seem to like racing yet but is being encouraged to give it a go, if his lap times keep improving that will be the next step in his development.



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