Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th July: Unfortunately with more torrential downpours during the week all tracks are too wet and remain closed.


Nikki Atchison

Rider profile

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Birth Place: Wanganui

Birthday: 10/06/94

Age Started Riding: 3

Fave Band: Nickelback

Fave Colour: Blue

Fave TV Programme: Outrageous Fortune

Fave Sport: MX and Soccer

Fave Role Model/Riders: Ben Townley, Ryan Villopoto ,Ryan Dungey, Ashley Fiolek, Katherine Prumm, Mary Perkins.

Likes: Motocross, My Job, Boys.

Dislikes: Not Riding Most Days Of The Week.

Sponsors: Always Plastered, Coastline Honda.

Aims: To Be In Top 3 At Whakatane Series 2011 And 2012.

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