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Ardmore School MX Sunday 12th May 2013

We had a full race day at Ardmore. Unfortunately, a few injuries occurred and we just want to give an update. Carlea had a spill and another rider managed to knock her out cold, so she spent the remainder of the day under hospital observation. Happy to report all is well, but she restricted from sport for 3 weeks. Cam McCaskie was going well in his races, but took a good tumble in his last that required him to be shipped off to ER. Thankfully no broken bones, but a darned good concussion and some confused conversation! Matt Kenyon was riding in the Wellington Club Champs and got bucked off the bike. He broke his femur and is in surgery now to install a pin. All are in good spirits despite their injuries and are handling it well. As someone said, maybe Mother's Day is not the day to be racing! We wish fast healing for our injured.

 Race Report Patetonga on Peat 18th October 2012
Otumoetai WON 1st PLACE!!!
Great day by all the team yesterday, some really fantastic stuff. I really like all the teams efforts, from Cam McCaskie winning three for three races to great consistency by many of our riders.
Matt Kenyon for being the fastest rider of the day, but even Christina there in her wheel chair cleaning off mud to sharing her own riding gear, Margaux Tolley helping with fueling and riding gear and also taking videos and also Stepfan Dwayne for his photo skills.
Adam getting a hug from the organiser for his great comments about the event in advance of the meeting. To Brad Holmes riding a totally new bike and taking second, Tristan Tolley leading out two of his races and finishing sixth overall, Matt Nielson second in 150 beginners, and our new member to the team Evan Hawkless for his third overall 125cc pro finish. Great finishes by Cameron Farley, Adam Greenslade, Jarrod Rodgers another new rider. and Chris "p chicken" Pederson.
Oh I had better not forget all the parents efforts for getting bikes built and ready for battle, putting up tents and feeding the troops plus all the leed up efforts and training by Eric Farley for all of the riders that he has helped along the way, and last and not the least my wife Juli Anne Tolley for her photos and all the behind the team stuff she does.

Press Release: OTUMOETAI COLLEGE MOTOCROSS TEAM TAKES FIRST OVERALL IN INTERCOLLEGIATE COMPETITION Half of Team Returns Podium Finishes On Thursday, 18th of October 2012, the Otumoetai College Motocross team joined 18 other schools including local BOP schools such as Tauranga Boys and Tauranga Girls in Patetonga for Round Two of the Hauraki Plains College Moto X Invitation Tournament 2012. It was a well-organized event with over 170 competitors. The event was broken up into the following classifications: ? Pro 250cc ? Pro 125cc ? Pro 85cc ? Intermediate 250cc ? Intermediate 125cc ? Intermediate 85cc & 150cc ? Girls All In ? Beginners 85cc & 150cc ? Beginners 125cc & 250cc The classifications were grouped into seven categories ranging from beginner to pro to keep the race schedule manageable. Points were awarded based on lap times, and scoring is based on the accumulated points. The overall school score is based on the total accumulated points by all team riders. With tarps up, bikes prepped, and riders geared up, each category was provided a single practice session and then the battles began. The weather wasn’t the most friendly cycling through periods of overcast skies, violent downpours, and blue skies. Sheets of rain came down during a few of the races turning the track into a slippery mudpit and making it challenging not only for the riders, but also for the announcer and audience to determine who the riders were once they became covered in mushy peat. But, sheer determination prevailed as they eventually took the checkered flag. Otumoetai College had 10 competitive riders represented in six of these classes, and all riders put in strong performances despite the weather with half the team claiming podium finishes. It was a clear reflection of the skills that have developed and grown over this year by the team’s riders in all classes from beginner to pro. There was a large turnout for the team and included a few additional team members that weren’t riding in the event in attendance purely to support their team mates, as well as parents and extended family members. Highlights of the Day for the Team
Podium finishes:
? Cameron McCaskie #445: 1st place overall in Pro 250cc
? Matt Kenyon #687: 1st place overall in Pro 125cc
? Evan Hawkless #337: 3rd place overall in Pro 125cc
? Brad Holmes #915: 2nd place overall in Intermediate 250cc
? Matt Nielson #119: 2nd place overall in Beginners 85cc and 150cc
Other placements:
? Tristan Tolley #218: 6th place overall in 250cc Intermediate
? Adam Greenslade #159: 24th place overall in 125cc Intermediate
? Cameron Farley #24: 21st place overall in 125cc Intermediate
? Jaden Rodgers #656: 6th place overall in Beginners 125cc & 250cc
? Chris Pederson placed 13th place overall in the practice timed laps, but was restricted from points because of his bike classification.
Special recognitions ? Matt Kenyon set the fastest lap time of the day, labelled “Fastest Rider of the Day” ? Cameron McCaskie came in third overall on lap times.
? Adam Greenslade was recognised as the “Most Appreciated Person” by Amanda Fitzpatrick from the Hauraki Plans MX team, the organizer of the event for his complementary and supportive comments on Facebook prior to the event. She said it was so welcoming in the midst of all the queries and requests for information to receive a Facebook message that read “Hows the weather for tomorrow? ;) So amped! Thank you once again from me and the OTC team!” She stated that it made it all worthwhile for her to see the excitement and enthusiasm. At prizegiving, a loud cheer went up when it was announced that Otumoetai College took 1st overall in the total school points. It was the first competitive MX event where the school has taken first place, and very well earned. Coach Cliff Tolley said, “It was gratifying to see our team come together and personally witness the improvements all of the riders have made over the last year. I was not only proud of all of our riders for their stellar performances, but also that our team was recognized for showing respect and gratitude to the organizers and officials. That was like a double win as far as I’m concerned. I would like to also recognize the team members, Christina, Margaux, and Stefan that came out to help their fellow teammates even though they weren’t riding – from sharing riding gear to helping with cleaning mud off equipment. It was real team spirit. My gratitude goes to our team parents who support the sport and their kids, and special thanks to Eric Farley for the time and effort he’s put in with our beginner and intermediate riders over the last four months. They have really progressed as a result of his investment. This year has been full of learning opportunities for our riders, our team, coaching, and team organization, but it took all riding classes to get us here. We are really looking forward to progressing the team next year and growing recognition of the sport in the local schools.” The trophy was presented to Head Master Dave Randall today and has been donated to the school to display in the trophy cabinet. Photos of the event can be located on the team’s public Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OTCMX. Print quality photos can be requested. Otumoetai College Motocross Team is sponsored by Quinovic Property Management and many proud parents and family members of the riders.

Race Report School MX Champs Huntly 4th May 2012


Team Riders Secured Several Top Ten Point Positions

On Friday, 4th of May 2012, the Otumoetai College Motocross team joined over 20 other schools including other local schools such as Tauranga Boys and Tauranga Girls in Huntley at Slater MX Park for Round One of the Hauraki Plains College Moto X Invitation Tournament 2012. With over 200 entrants, the event was an exciting event for everyone involved, and was broken up into classifications of:

Pro 125cc & 250cc

Intermediate 250cc

Intermediate 125cc

Pro 85cc

Intermediate 85cc & 150cc

Beginners 85 125 & 250cc


Points were awarded based on lap times, and scoring is based on the accumulated points. Otumoetai College took 8th overall despite a small team size comparative to other schools. It was the first competitive event the team participated in, and the school was represented in most of the categories from beginner to pro.

Highlights for the team include both Matt Kenyon and Cameron McCaskie qualifying in the top 10 overall for the day, at 9th and 10th respectively. Christina Cameron finished 23rd in the Pro 85cc class, and 3rd overall in the Top Girls Trophy.

Overall team results:

In the beginner classes, Matt Nielsen came in 14th enjoying the entire experience being part of a team, racing, and the atmosphere. Margaux Tolley qualified but crashed out in her first race after a spectacular, but unexpected wheelie off the line. Unfortunately, she hurt her knee and was unable to continue the race, or participate in the remaining races for the day.

The intermediate classes, we had Brad Holmes came in 11th overall in the Intermediate 250 class, Cameron Farley finish 35th in the Intermediate 125 class, and Adam Greenslade come in at 37th in the same class.

Pro classes brought Christina Cameron in at 24th overall in the Pro 85cc class, Matt Kenyon came in at 5th overall in the 125 class, and Cameron McCaskie came in 3rd overall in Pro 250cc, while Tristan Tolley came in at 24th in the same class.

Coach Cliff Tolley stated “I’m proud of the team. It was a great result for our first point-based event. Everyone did really well, had fun, rode safely, and gave it their all. I keep hearing people say that they didn’t realize we had a motocross team. Well, I guess they know now. We are definitely looking forward to more events!”

The riders all enjoyed the day and the track noting the excitement of the first corner, big, fast straights, and lots of jumps. Brad Holmes commented, “I loved the adrenaline of being on the start line. It was a BIG line up!” Cameron Farley said, “It was great to be there and bond with the other team members.” Adam Greenslade agreed saying that it was “the best day of motocross” he’s had in a while.

To finish the day, both Coach Cliff Tolley and Assistant Coach Eric Farley participated in the parents/coaches fun race at the end and gave quite a show. Cliff had to ride his daughter’s Honda 150R and was dwarfed on the starting line up by all the bigger bikes. Despite the disadvantage, Cliff gave them all a good challenge and a few laughs. Eric came in a podium finish in 2nd place, and Cliff came in 4th.

Additional photos of the event can be located on the team’s public Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OTCMX.

Otumoetai College Motocross Team is sponsored by Quinovic Property Management.

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