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Reuben Steens

Rider profile


DOB: 13th March 1997

Riding since age of 3. From PW50 (sat looking at it and running the motor on the 1st day) to Honda 50 to KTM 50 to KTM Pro-Senior to 70cc Honda to TTR 125 to the current bike, a Yamaha YZ125.

Likes : Trail riding & skiing. May start surfing as a summer sport.  Likes the Tarawera trail rides.

Ambition:  To be like Chris Birch.

Latest ReportSaturday 13th Nov 2010 GNCC Round 2

When we arrived, I signed in and went to the briefing. We were told it was going to be dusty, (little did I know ????).  I went and got my gear on. Getting ready for the start was a case of a nervous pee for the fifth time, I was ready. While waiting for the flagman to get everyone else sorted, the adrenalin was pumping. I was eager to go. The flagman had talked us through the start procedure, we got our motors revving and we were off, well at least I wasn’t. Due to a rooted back tire and lots of fish tailing,  I started off in about 10th position. I had to battle my way through the “DUST” to make up some positions. By the end of lap one I was happy to have made it up to about  5th position  , I spent the next lap trying to catch Shaun Knight. I was so happy to see him picking his bike up off the ground.  I took my chance and screamed past ( thank you Shaun J).  Now I was in 4th. By the fourth lap I was just coming into the pits as George Dimec left. He was the next one in my sights.  Then I found that Luke Mobberley who was in second had come off and wasn’t going to be finishing the race, meaning I was in 3rd still chasing George Dimec.  I kept on seeing glimpses of him on his Suzuki but I just couldn’t catch him. It was the last lap.  I was sure I wasn’t going to get near George only to find that a kid had gotten stuck in front of him meaning he had to hop off his bike and clear the track.  George was hopping back onto his bike when I caught up to him.  It was a close last lap but I just couldn’t keep on the pace meaning I finished with a great 3rd place and YES !!! a medal. Honda put on a great race and I can’t wait till the next round.  My pit crew are great.  Thanks mum and dad.      

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