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Taylor Trott

Rider Profile

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Birth Place: New Plymouth

Birthday: 22/9/95

Age: 15

Fave Food: Milo Cereal

Fave Band: System Of  A Down

Fave Colour: Blue

Fave TV Programme: Outrageous Fortune

Fave Sport: MX and Body Boarding

Fave Role Model/Rider: Ben Townley

Next 12 month goal: Train and practice even more, podium place in the Club Champs series contested.

One day a few years ago Taylor was rumaging thru dads old scrap books and photo albumns and found out dad used to race dirt bikes.Taylor immediately decided this was something he wanted to try too.He got his first bike, a Piwi 80 14/11/2004. After learning the basics of riding this over the next year or 2, Taylor and dad went out to watch a few MX events around the place, this enthused him all the more. Taylor was taken down to Awakaponga a couple of times to tackle the mini track there, and also spent a lot of time riding the hills at the family farm at Oropi. He soon grew out of the Piwi 80 and progressed onto a new TTR 125. Quite soon he was riding at maize paddock fundays and then started to try his hand at racing. Again he quickly outgrew the TTR 125 and was riding mums TTR 230 more and more, mainly because it was faster ! We both came to realise that this just was not going to cut it, so the TTR was replaced with a YZ 85. Taylor started to flourish abourd this machine, and took in many training days with Broxy,Mason,Niki Urwin and others. Unfortunately, on the last lap of a free ride at the conclusion of a training day at Maddix, his concentration eluded him and he had a 10kph crash off the track into a ditch, the handle bar neatly broke his leg just under the knee, his leg was broken such that when he looked down,he could see the bottom of his boot facing him ! He laid on the track for about 1 1/2 hrs before the ambo arrived, he did not complain once, what a trooper, as soon as he was out of surgery, the first question was "how long before I can ride again" !!

After a lengthy lay off for recovery and rehab, he was right back on that bike, tackling Summer X a couple of times amoung many other events. He finally outgrew the 85 and jumped aboard a new 09' YZ 125. Since then with more practice and skill developing he is showing signs of being  a great rider of the future.

Taylor is very greatful for all the great support he has received so far, from Mum and Dad right thru to the clubs he belongs to.


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