Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March: All tracks closed. Due to all the rain this week the tracks and access road in, need work which we are unable to do as our tractor is still waiting on mechanical work to be completed. We would love to be open but unfortunately can't.


William Eyre

Rider Profile

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DOB: 26th March 2000

Started riding aged 6 and racing aged 12. Has had an LT50, CRF70, CRF100, KTM85x2, KTM 125  and now a second KTM 125 # 263.

Achievements: 2012: 1st JuniorKiwi Rider Series
2016 1st 125cc Bel Ray Champ
2017 1st 125cc Bel Ray Champs and Outright Junior Champ

Aims:  To win the Under 200 National Cross Country title in 2018.  Long term, to race the GNCC in the USA.

Likes: Cross Country, MX, rugby, hunting & fishing.

Favourite Riders: Eli Tomac, Kailub Russell, Liam Draper.

Sponsors: Mr Motorcycles, Bridgestone, Kiwi Rider, Fly, Shoei, Gerne, Sparrows Plumbing, NoToil & Dragon goggles.

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