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4 Factory Riders Wanted

Deadline 30th September 2010

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Ever dreamt of being a Factory rider?  Well, if you are a mini motocrosser and you are planning on entering the 2010 NZ Mini Motocross Champs then this dream could become a reality, for one weekend at least.

The Huntly Motorcycle Club is hosting the Mini nationals on the weekend of November 13th and 14th 2010.

“All entries for the Champs received before 30 September 2010 will go into a draw to be one of FOUR Factory Riders for the weekend.  The lucky riders will get brand new tyres for the weekend from Bridgestone,  Fox will give each rider a set of trick riding gear, we have some cool graphics organised to trick out the bikes and DRD will pit the riders under the DRD tent for the weekend. On top of all of this the Factory Team will get to appear in DRD magazine to celebrate their new status” says the Huntly Club website.

So go to it now www.huntlymotorcycleclub.co.nz  , grab an entry form, enter before the 30th and be in to win!

It is going to be a great event. The Huntly mini track has a good layout - long runs, lots of turns and quite a few jumps. It may have been a bit boggy last weekend but the weather has been an issue in the Waikato, just as it has been for almost everywhere in NZ.  Event co-ordinator, Tony Ashdown, reports that they have trucks and a whole lot of fill ready and waiting to go to make the new start area and get the upgrades sorted.  All that’s needed is a gap in the weather. In November, the track will be perfect.

The Huntly Club must be congratulated on their pro-active approach to the problem of getting bikes onto the start line.

Cheap Entry fees: They have fixed the basic entry fee at a very reasonable $35 per rider with competitors coming from the South Island paying no entry fee at all.  This is great for families with more than one child wanting to race.

Early Entry Incentive:  Riders are encouraged by the chance of winning one of the 4 Factory Rider Prizes to put their entries in early.  This is already working well.  Entry numbers have reached 100 with the event still 2 months away. Incentives for early birds are definitely a much better option than penalties for late entries.

Billeting: There are obviously heaps of places to stay in and around Huntly and Hamilton in a variety of price ranges.  However, limited billeting is available with local Huntly Club members as well – a generous attitude and great for forging off track friendships.

How has the club been able to offer all this and still budget to break even?

Club member Ray Broad says it’s because of a “different philosophy”. “We are not looking for a profit.  We want a good event.  We want the kids happy.  We want more kids on the start line”.

The club has also worked hard to get more sponsors on board - some have even come without demanding naming rights. “We looked outside the motorcycling community and found sponsors who have preferred to give practical help to upgrade our facilities rather than cash”, continues Ray. “For the new start line, for example, the gates have been provided free of charge by X and Firth is donating the new concrete and we have other sponsors such as Bridgestone, DRD and Fox (Sportspro) donating product for prizes.  Thanks go to them and all the others and to the chief naming sponsor, Huntly Honda”.

The Huntly Club are working hard to make the 2010 Mini Nationals a great event.  But, events need riders, so, get your entries in now and  do your part to make the second weekend in November  a truly successful one on the MX racing calendar.

And good luck for the Factory Ride !

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