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A Camping Bike ?

Check out the Honda Bulldog

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Honda has created a motorcycle that’s part Ruckus, part scrambler, and outfitted to be an ideal motorcycle for camping. 

The Honda Bulldog sports a curious design. It has dual storage compartments built into the sides of the tank, crash guards for the engine, and storage racks front and back to go along with its Ruckus-style headlights. The rails above the lights would be perfect for a bedroll. The camping-friendly Bulldog has a 28.7-inch seat height, is easy to handle and provides a nimble ride in a wide range of environments from urban to rural areas.” 

Honda’s Bulldog press release hint at its intended target, stating “The model was developed with the concept ‘Lovable Touring Partner,’ and was designed to go beyond the boundaries of conventional leisure motorcycles, to actively enjoy outdoor life. Its unique robust, yet charming styling undoubtedly brings smiles to the faces of not only riders, but people who don’t usually ride motorcycles.” 

Honda unveiled the Bulldog concept model at the 31st Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015.

For more details on the specifics click here.

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