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No under 25s - bikes that is

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The Tauranga Classic Motorcycle Club is holding its 33rd Annual Rally this weekend.

Participants will meet up on the Friday from 4pm at Waihi Beach for an evening of socializing and stories, some, no doubt, taller than others.

The Saturday morning will begin at 9am with the motorcycle judging. Several titles are up for grabs. The “Best Japanese Restoration” and “Best Restoration Other Makes” categories, require that the majority of the work must have been undertaken by the owner himself and the “Alderdice Shield” is awarded to the best represented visiting club. Popular vote decides which bikes receive the first to third trophies in each of the “Best of the Decade” competitions The bikes themselves must be aged 25 or over but, of course, the owners and riders can be any age.

At 10.30am the bikes will leave for the Rally Ride itself.  Groups of 10 riders will set off at 3 to 5 minute intervals with a marshall leading each group. “It will be a pleasant enjoyable ride, definitely not a race,” says Marie Patching, wife of Club President Richard, (both pictured above) and one of the organisers of the event.

A new item on the programme is the auction that will follow the ride.  Participants are expected to bring along bike bits and pieces they want to get rid of.

Marie confirms there are 94 participants and that the event will be on whatever the weather.  

Registrations have now closed, however spectators are most welcome to go along for a look. The line of bikes this year includes an array of Nortons, BSA, Ariels, Matchless, Laverda, early Japanese brands and at least one Scott and one Douglas. Be there at either 9am or mid afternoon to catch the return of the rally riders. The venue is at 66 Seaforth Road, Waihi Beach.

Some people will be trailering their bikes to the Rally but many will be riding their old and usually slower machines. So, keep an eye out, be courteous and  respect their right to the road.

For more info on this event or on the Tauranga Classic Motorcycling Club contact Richard Patching on 07 578 0455.

Just a small note: there's a "classic" weekend in the USA this weekend too, but for classic racers.  Go to www.ultimatemotorcycling or www.roadamerica.com for info.

  • Bike line up @ a Tga Club Ride  » Click to zoom ->

    Bike line up @ a Tga Club Ride

  • USA Classic Racing  » Click to zoom ->

    USA Classic Racing

  • USA Classic Racing  » Click to zoom ->

    USA Classic Racing

  • USA Classic Racing  » Click to zoom ->

    USA Classic Racing

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