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Bike Art

Adam Worsley - Creative recycler

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Do you remember those tiny model bikes people used to make out of a couple of beer can tabs while sitting round a pub table?  

Well, Adrian Worsley has gone one giant step further.  He creates life sized motorcycles from what people normally consider as junk. 

 “I am essentially a recycler,” says Adrian, “but a creative recycler”. Adrian established his business 8 years ago and specializes in designing and constructing one-off sculptures from recycling scrap metal, tools and farm implements sourced locally around New Zealand.

His bike creations are beautiful, incredibly detailed and seem to breathe the essence of their era. Check out the photos and the featured Triumph Trophy 1969.

“I have always been into bikes. For my sculptures, I probably have a preference for the older machines - they have character rather than the more streamlined beauty of modern motorcycles – so there’s more potential from my point of view. But I like doing them all.” 

Adrian doesn’t just do bikes. He has created other automotive pieces such as go karts and kids bikes but also creates “people” sculptures and takes commission orders. As his website says, Adrian isalways on the lookout for new clients with wonderfully weird ideas. I like to think people will enjoy looking and discovering the different objects I have used in my sculptures”.

Adrian’s sculptures sell for between $15,000 and $25,000 and the pricing reflects the quality of workmanship and hours of painstaking creation involved.

If you want to see Adrian’s pieces of Art “in the flesh”, at the moment there are some on display at Bikers Gear, 43 Maniapoto St, Otorohanga ( Thanks to Bikers Gear for the photos.

You can also visit Adrian’s studio/workshop, Historic Creations, in Te Aroha, but by appointment only. Check out his website . And who knows, he might be interested in any bits of “junk” you have lying around as well.

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