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Birchy in Budgie Smugglers?

At the Top of the Extreme

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Chris Brady from Taumarunui wonders what top NZ motorcycle riders need to do to get recognition at home. He watched the end of year round up of Sports News 2009 and was amazed to see featured the 33rd in the world ranked Women's Volleyball team but no mention made of NZ enduro rider Chris Birch, not even in the motorsports highlights.  Nothing against the ladies - quite the contrary – but what do our guys have to do? Would Birchy in budgie smugglers, flexing and frolicking in African sands, succeed in making the head-lines?

Below is the text of the letter Chris Brady sent to the NZ Herald.

How disappointing that in reviews of motorsports highlights for 2009, the achievements of New Zealand extreme enduro rider Chris Birch have not been mentioned.

Birch has reached levels in his chosen sport that, had he been playing rugby or cricket, would have seen his photo splashed across the front pages throughout the country.

Extreme enduro motorcycling is one of the world's most difficult sports, calling for massive fitness coupled with extraordinary riding ability and mental toughness.  Birch not only finished in the top three in the Red Bull Romaniacs event for the third year running but also won the prestigious Roof of Africa event for the second year in a row.

In countries as diverse as Mexico, Brazil and South Africa he is feted, and signs autographs to satisfy a demand that makes Richie McCaw look like a rookie.

Go to if you want to check out past exploits or see what’s coming up for Chris Birch in 2010.

Please note: The non recognition of our top motorcycling sportsmen is not a problem unique to NZ.  Bike people in Belgium also complain that their big names - Everts, de Coster, Geboers etc -are only known to a few initiated and pretty much ignored by the general press. We are not alone.

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