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Fitness Wins

With or Without Wheels

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Wade Meredith (above left) and Tyler Wiremu (above right) are two of Tauranga’s budding young MX riders.  Their orange KTMs are regularly spotted at tracks and events around the country and they are no strangers to dirt bike podiums.  On June 7th, however, they were on a podium of a different kind. Wade finished in first place and Tyler was runner-up in Interschool School Cross Country event held at Kaimai School.

They were both in the Year 2  race and with the top two spots, a great result for the boys from Pyes Pa School ! Congratulations to them both.  What a coup for the motocross community! 

Wade (#67) and Tyler (#38) are winners with and without wheels and they are proof, as well, that good MXers are fit individuals.

Because there is still a common misconception – amongst non-riders, obviously – that MX riders themselves don’t do anything much except sit on their bikes, that it’s the motorcycle itself that tackles the workload and that physical fitness doesn’t even enter the equation.

How wrong can they be?

Motocross is an extremely rugged sport requiring skill, muscular strength and endurance. Overall physical conditioning and endurance is important. Muscular strength has an impact on your riding skill and arm strength is needed for jumps, turns and maintaining balance.


Studies have shown that supercross and motocross are more physically demanding than cycling and mountain biking on similar terrain. Motocross racers have a higher BMI and a higher maximum aerobic power. Their grip strength and leg strength are higher and motocross racers are stronger in their left non-dominate arm. This is assumed to be due to the frequent use of the clutch that is operated by the left hand.

There are common threads that link all competitive sports and cross training can be beneficial. Fitness, mental and physical strength, training, strategy, endurance and speed are listed on the must do/have list for cross-country runners and they are equally valid for dirt bike riders.

Fitness always wins. The difficult part is actually finding the bike time and putting in the hours to attain the level of fitness required to win.

Anyone looking for some tips on MX fitness check out

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