Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd January all tracks open from 9.00 - dark. Mini track is in good condition, the MX is dry and a bit rough in places (cannot be groomed until we get rain). The Trail loops are in great condition and a good ride to escape some of the heat.


Racing in the USA Anyone?

A Word from Whibley

maddix park mx

Are you wanting to crack the big time and race the GNCC series in the USA ? 

New Zealander Paul Whibley has made his dream come true. He has and is doing just that. He's back in NZ after winning the GNCC title and defending his OMA title with a perfect 10 for 10 season. Last Saturday  he was at Maddix Park for the Greg Power organized round 4 of the NZ GNCC.  At the end of the day he congratulated Greg and Greg's  team for laying out a top track.  "This is close to the kind of track the NZ riders need to be riding to prepare for some GNCCs in the States", he said. And yes, he was talking about Maddix Park.

Paul won the Pro Expert Elite class.  His website tells how he saw the race itself and also the performance of his new YZF:

"Extremely dry and dusty conditions greeted riders as the morning race took off in a blinding cloud of powdery dust. It was obvious that a start would be critical to getting a good result. 
Lining up on the front row ready for the wave of the flag. The green flag shot up and we were off. The YZF launched me to the front but mid straight I hit a massive power sucking powder pile and dropped back to third. Chris Power grabbed the holeshot followed by Sam Greenslade. I pushed pretty hard and made some risky moves to get past Sam in the blinding dust. I knew Chris was up front in clean air and putting time on us. I caught Chris in a fresh patch of bush where there was some moisture in the soil and the dust wasn't so bad. When we entered another dusty section I had two choices, crash in the dust or drop back. I got some pretty tight arms riding with a bit of a death grip in the dust so I slowed down and relaxed a little. There was a cool little enduro X section added for spectator entertainment near the end of the lap that I’m sure did its job.
After the fuel stop I was ready to make another challenge and a lap later had pushed my way into the lead with only a couple of close calls. Once in the lead I was able to relax again and began to pull away.
The track was pretty rough and the fresh sections in the trees cut up nicely with some good ruts and a few roots. With this being the first real test of the new YZF in rough race conditions the bike felt very balanced and I felt comfortable through the rough. The bike also felt very nimble through the tight trees with direction changes being easy.
By the time the flag came out for the finish I had built a lead of over 4 minutes

For more info and up to date details on Paul and his career, go to the website

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