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X Crusty Demon Luke Smith

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News has come through from Luke Smith.  Who you might ask.  Think Crusty Demons.  Think Back Flip over an America’s Cup yacht.  Look at the pictures. Yes, Luke Smith is the famous, fearless, former member of the Crusty Demons team and he has written to tell us and you about his new career.

When his parents emigrated to NZ, Luke had stayed behind in England to continue with his professional mountain biking career. He didn’t join them until he was 19 but when he did so, he got into motorcycling and adapted all his skills to his new sport.

Full speed ahead to 9 action-packed years with the Crusty Demons. You may have seen him live, you may have seen him on video, you may even have seen him whizzing round on a pit bike at  the Pit Fest event at Maddix Park. It was a time of crazy stunts, adrenalin kicks and death defying tricks.

However, a recent injury and an enforced stay of 5 months in hospital have left him not allowed to ride a bike anymore.  Hence the new career.

And what is this new career? There are no more ramps but after studies at Media Design School, Luke is launching himself into the world of graphics, specializing in custom designs for motorcycles and ATVs.

“I am now designing and making custom made graphics”, says Luke. “I’ve always had a love of design. I can design graphics to suit your needs. If riders want to promote their own company, represent their sponsors’ logos or just come up with a cool design to get heads turning at the track, then I’m your man”.

He has templates for bikes from the 1990s onwards and , what is more unusual, ATVs as well.  He will do full kits, chest plates, neck braces, Alpine boots and the list goes on.  With his bike background, he says he knows what riders like.

So, if you're thinking graphics, contact Luke on 021 0272 9613 or email him on [email protected] Spread the word. 

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