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Military Motorcycles

Book Review

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Book Review — Motorcycling

An Illustrated History of Military Motorcycles by Pat Ware

Published by Southwater October 2012

This title covers 100 years of wartime motorcycles, from the first machines of World War I to the diesel-powered types and quad bikes of today, with 230 photographs.

It is a complete reference guide to a century of military motorcycles, from their first use at the beginning of the 20th century to the sophisticated models of today. It discusses machine-gun motorcycles, tracked motorcycles, diesel motorcycles, ATVs and quad bikes.

It explains the anatomy of the military motorcycle – its frame, engine, transmission, final drive, front forks, rear forks, suspension and brakes. It features over 230 commissioned and rare photographs from archives, museums and private collections.

During the early years of World War I, motorcycles started to enter military service, replacing the mounted despatch rider and providing a means of mechanizing machine-gun and stretcher units.

This fully illustrated book covers the lively history of the military motorcycle, highlighting the varied roles motorcycles have played, as well as how the vehicles have evolved over time.

It provides a country-by-country overview of military motorcycles in nations that include France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, the USA, the USSR and Japan.

An expertly written volume, it provides enthusiasts with key information about the history of these diverse multi-tasking vehicles.

This review was published on The Moment Magazine site.

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