Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th July: Unfortunately with more torrential downpours during the week all tracks are too wet and remain closed.


What the Head Sees

Go Pro at Maddix

maddix park mx

As an independent, financially able adult, Brett Costello has come  back to dirt bikes. He stopped 10 years ago because - this may sound familiar - his "parents stopped paying".

"It's great being back on a bike," says Brett, "but I'm  more into crosscountry than  MX now. I'd like to do some of the races." 

He filmed the footage below on the Maddix Park trail loop in March, riding behind his mate, Tony "Legend of Enduro" Lees.

"The camera was one of the early versions, not particularly high quality, no flash mounts,  just duct-taped on" he laughs, "but it certainly filmed what the head was seeing. I just did some quick edits to take out the swearing when I crashed and that was all."

Brett has just upgraded his bike to a YZ250.  Next on the list is one of the new flasher Gopros that are available now.

Thanks, Brett, for the share.

CLICK HERE to watch the clip.
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