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The Making of a Helmet

The Arai Company

maddix park mx

The story, in 5 short video clips, of Arai helmets from when the first Arai in this three generational family business linked his passion for motorcycles to his work as a hat maker.


Every Arai helmet is almost 100% handmade. It can take up to five years to earn the right to create an Arai shell.

To build one Arai helmet will take about 18 man-hours. Each and every Arai helmet is made by hand. They say “almost 100% handmade“. The “almost” restriction is for an automatic laser beam cutting out the visor aperture, for example.

But from the bare outer shell to the finished helmet, including the advanced design applications, the hands of skilled craftsmen perform everything.

Each shell can take 27 steps and each step must be perfect. 

Part 1:   The Arai Philosophy  

Part 2:  Protection  

Part 3:  Shape Matters 

Part 4:  All Roads Lead to Protection  

Part 5:  Dedicated to Protection  

A bit promotional but an interesting insight.

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