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GNCC Revamp

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The Grand National X Country Series Motto Extreme Fun for Everyone is still the main focus for the Power Adventures organisers who are revamping the GNCC series to better fit the current crop of motorcycle brands and makes.

With this being the 13th year of the Series, Power Adventures have decided it is time to tweak the format a little to attract not only the top riders in the country but also the newbies wanting something to give them a challenge yet not too difficult that it becomes impossible.

Morning race (09:30, 1.5 hrs):

There will be three classes: Rookie Ladies, Junior & Trail

  1. The Rookie Ladies will be up to 29 yrs then 30 yrs Plus. Anyone who is contemplating riding this class need only contact Greg to confirm eligibility. Remember there is a Ladies class in the afternoon race too.
  2. Junior Racers. Bike capacity can be up to 200cc Four stroke and 125cc Two Stroke MX bikes like the KTM range, the YZ, KX, RM and CR/F Race bikes.
    Classes: Up to 11yrs old and 12–13 Yrs Old
  3. New Trail Class for riders up to 11 yrs old on non MX bikes.

Because many of the kids are MX orientated, those wishing more sedate or lower cost bikes have a distinct disadvantage. To right this we have homologated the following bikes for this class and are willing to add bikes that meet the criteria. Where possible, we will have a shorter course for the new Trail Class. Initially these bikes are suitable for the GNCC Trail Class:

(please call Power Adventures if you think your bike qualifies – it probably does)

Afternoon Race (12:00, 2.5hrs):
  1. Youth Class: We will be dropping the Rookie Class in favour of a new Youth Class for riders up to 16 yrs Old. This will be all in on any bike up to 250cc. Riders can be as young as 12 yrs old should they wish to race this class and not the shorter Junior race class in the morning.
  2. Ladies Class: for all competitive lady riders.
    Under 25 yrs, 25 – 34 yrs, 35 – 45 yrs, 45 yrs plus
  3. Clubman Class: All riders over 16 yrs old at clubman Level and riders moving up from Youth.
    Under 25 yrs, 25 – 34 yrs, 35 – 45 yrs, 45 yrs plus
  4. Expert Class: Again those riders qualifying to ride Expert
    Under 25 yrs, 25 – 34 yrs, 35 – 45 yrs, 45 yrs plus
  5. Pro Class: All in racing for the top riders out there vying for the top places.
    Up to 34 Yrs, 35 yrs Plus
GNCC venues and dates:
Rnd One Sat 11th October 2014 Burts Farm Matata
Rnd Two Sat 8th November 2014 Maddix Park Tauranga
Rnd Three Sat 13th December 2014 Honda Park Maramarua
Rnd Four Sat 24th January 2015 Tilsons Farm Hastings
Extra Race Sun 25th January 2015 Tilsons Farm Hastings
(Hawkes Bay Challenge for the Tilson Cup)

For more information contact Greg Power on 027 4454429 - or go to the Power Adventures website

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