Maddix is on the List

NZ Cross Country Series

maddix park mx

Maddix Park has been selected as one of the venues for the 2015 NZ Cross Country series that Paul Whibley is creating with the two fold aim of giving back to the sport and helping to better prepare NZ riders wishing to follow in his own tyre tracks by racing in Europe and in the USA.  The competive calendar is always fairly well blocked so Whibley has selected 5 already existing events and combined them into a series, scheduled as follows:-  


  1. Tar Hill, Tokorea - 14th June  (part of the Dirt Guide Series)
  2. Taikorea, Palmerston North - 18th July (the stand alone Yamaha Taikorea 500)
  3. Woodhill, Auckland - 30th August (part of the Woodhill 2-Man Series)
  4. Maddix Park, Tauranga - 14th November ( part of the NZ GNCC Series)
  5. Castlehill, Pahiatua - 5th December  (part of the Central CC Series)

He explains the reasoning behind this initiative in a conversation with Andy McGechan.  

We, at Maddix, remember listening to Paul Whibley's thank you speech, several years ago, when he rode a GNCC round here for the first time.   "This is close to the kind of track  NZ riders need to be riding to prepare for some GNCCs in the States,"  he said.

We are honoured to be "on the list" for this first NZ Cross Country Series. 

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