Tigers for Punishment

North Island Enduro Round 1

maddix park mx

For the majority of the riders who raced in the Cambridge 4 Hour on Saturday, the Sunday would have been a day of rest and recovery with perhaps a bit of bike cleaning. However, for a certain number of riders, those who are tigers for punishment, the Cambridge event served as a mere appetizer for the Sunday main at Riverhead - the first round of the North Island Enduro Champs.

Congratulations to Janelle Walker (Tauranga) who was one of the tigers. She topped her Saturday 3rd place with a win in the Senior Women's class in her first appearance in the Enduro Champs.

"The organizers had put lots of effort into the Riverhead track," says Janelle. "Tight technicale sections but rideable with log bridges and sections with chopped logs providing a challenge.  There were quite a few DNFs from flat tyres. The track was hard packed with roots that readily punctured".

Janelle is training hard and competing in as many events as possible with the aim of competing in the Australian 4DE.  She appears to be well on track.

Liam Draper, another tiger, matched his 1st place in Cambridge with the first overall and the first in the Expert - 0-300 4Stroke class.

Full results are on the Silver Bullet site

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