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Tree Roots & Rolling Rocks

BOP Trials Round 2

maddix park mx

Trials riders had a great round 2 of the Bay of Plenty Trial Series Champs in the sunshine at Maddix Park on Sunday with competitors coming from Hamilton and Whakatane plus one from Auckland. 

The river wasn’t too high, the tree roots had somewhat dried out, in fact, the sections were spot on and well thought out. Riders had to complete 9 different sections 4 times.

The tree roots did rule the day, proving quite challenging on the hill climbs, and taking points off most riders. The loose, rolling rocks provided a similar level of difficulty in the water sections, especially when a turn was involved. However, some thrive on a challenge and Warwick Merriman and Nigel Shilton in particular,  both intermediate B riders, seemed to totally revel in the terrain.

Unfortunately, Kevin Gundry had a sudden stop on a downhill, courtesy of a supplejack vine.  Fortunately, daughter Gabby was there to take him to A&E with an injured elbow.

Yes, trials riding is a family sport as evidenced by the smiling faces of the Shiltons, pictured below.

Results - for those who handed in their cards - are as follows:

A Grade:  1st Philip Shilton, 2nd Kerry Lowndes

Intermediate: 1st Colin Downes, 2nd Grant Thwaites, 3rd James Snowden, DNFs Kevin & Gabby Gundry 

Intermediate B:  1st Warwick Merriman, 2nd Nigel Shilton, 3rd Alex Percival, 4th Kevin Ter Steege, 5th Jonathan Richardson

Clubman: 1st Wayne Pennington, 2nd Lisa Shilton.

If you’re interested in trials riding, find out more from:

Francis Sydenham 027 495 6236 or Andy Anderson  07 929 6330

There are a few more photos on the Maddix facebook page.

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