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Latest report: Whakatane 17th July 2011

It was a beautiful day for riding, and as usual the track was in perfect condition! There were a lot of riders there, definitely the most i have seen at a club day in a while. The womans class is always a big class at this track and this was the same today. Jessie Waterhouse did firsts all day, while Casey did seconds. Nikita Knight just recently back on the bike did 3rds and I did 4ths and 5ths. Nikki Atchison also rode and a few other girls from Tauranga. Ben Townley made an apperance along with Mikey P and few other well known names. Kurt Langford rode well and consistently, still getting the hang of his new yamaha 125. Other riders from Tauranga included Logan Blackburn, Evan Hawkless and my little brother Mitchell, who got 2nds in the novice 85 class.

All in all was a good day and look forward to maize paddock this weekend!

Tarawera 50 6th November 2010

It was a nice day, the sun was shining and there were 37 girls lined up on the start. It was supposed to start at around 1 but had problems with the start gun so we all sat in silence, nervously waiting for it to go. I got the holeshot start, and was leading for the majority of the first lap but I messed up in the tight sections and took out a log. This allowed Phoebe Hill to catch up and pass me. She and I battled continuously for the rest of this lap, also close behind us was Zoe Jurd. We all arrived at the pits around the same time, it was a race to whose pit team was on fire, and fortunately it was mine. I managed to get a lead out of the pits and held first for this lap and the majority of the third, until I got caught behind a lapped rider and again messed up on the hill. It allowed both Phoebe and Zoe to make a gap past me, with all three of us seperated by half a minute. Phoebe didn't have to pit on the last lap allowing her to gain more time on Zoe and I. Zoe left the pits first and I was chasing close behind. Yet again I got stuck behind a lapped rider down a steep bank and couldn't hold it together. But we three managed to finish within a minute of each other, with our fastest laps all being on our last. We three finished ten minutes in front of fourth, who was Rachel Parker. I won the 16-25 years class and came third overall. I was happy with my result and Phoebe and Zoe put up a great race. Another Tauranga rider Christina Cameron also finished well gaining 6th overall. Huge thanks to my pit crew, Greg, Mel and Jared. And the Waghorn family who yet again did an amazing job of organizing the event!

August 6th 2010: 1st ride on a brand new bike.  Needed to run in a few kms before the Trail Blazer on the next Sunday.

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