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i started riding when i was 13 just on a farm bike, then my brother & i got a kx 85 each and we started to get some lessons to learn how to ride properly. I entered a local competition for a school that does a big tournament every year, i went in the 85 novice class my very first race and got 2nd overall, from then on i wanted to ride all the time, as i got more confident i wanted to get more competitive. In 2008 i raced around the country with really good results. I got too big for the 85cc so went to a kx 125 and also got good results on that but wasnt on it for long as i went onto a kx250. Most of 2009 i was out due to an injury but 2010 i had the best years riding with alot of 1sts and 2nds in the NZ junior championships throughout the country. I am now in the senior MX 2 class getting ready for our main competitions which start next month, at the moment have just been doing local club rounds every weekend.


My highlights were in 2010 winning a major event called the Champion of Champs and also getting 2nd overall in my 15-16 year 250cc class, also taking the number 2 title for the NZ junior 250cc class. I also won the number 1 title for the NZ National mini TT championship in the 250cc class. And got four other 1sts and 2nds in other New Zealand tournaments around the country. I went out of the juniors on a real high after all the hard training & racing i had done.


my goals now are to keep training hard for next years New Zealand Senior Nationals, i will be racing against our top riders who have competed overseas. I hope to make it to the 10 then it will give me an idea of where i am at for the following yea

Latest Race Report

Round 4 NZ MX Nationals Pukekohe March 15th 2015

I made it through the every round of the nationals. The first time I've ever successfully completed a full season of racing.

The day started out ok, weather was good and track was pretty sloppy

Practice and qualifying was terrible. I had a big crash tryna do a hot lap and twisted my bars. Even though I still managed to put down a fast lap that put me in 12th

Race one

Track was start to get pretty tacky but was still sloppy in spots. I had a pretty good start and was stuck behind a few riders in 10th. I left my charge a little late but I managed to get past 3 riders in the last few laps finishing right behind 6th taking 7th.

Race 2

Track was awesome!! Was so tacky and so much grip I loved it! I got a horrible start. Was sitting in about 18th round the first corner don't know what happen but I made my charge early this time passing most riders in the first few laps catching up to an awesome 5th!!

Race 3

Not to bad of a start sat in about 10 for most of the race then worked into 8th, knowing I only had to finish top 10 to get 4th and I didn't wanna push and wreak myself. I couldn't ease up either because hot on my tail was one of the ausy riders trying everything to get past me. But I held him off finishing 8th.

Overall for the day I finished 6th. And 4th overall in the championship! Im so happy to have finish the day and the series! It's been very tough the last few months for us but we pulled it together and finished!!!

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me this season! With out your help and support I wouldn't be where I am today!!! You help me make this possible!

Back to the office for a bit of a rest and back into it as I have been invited to go race in New Caledonia in July!

So thanks you again for everything!! 

NZ MX Nationals 8th March Round 3 Rotorua

Hi all sorry for another late report. Been flat stick with apprenticeship papers. But enough excuses!!

Was a tough day at the office for sure.  Just pulled through.

Track was prepped perfect! Couldn't have asked for better conditions! Club went all out.

Practice and qualifying was up and running very fast had 20 minutes to lay down a fast lap. But with the track been so perfect everyone else was just as fast! Was very hard to find new lines and by the time I did the finish flag was out. Sitting in a sad 12th. Little disappointed in myself but I had qualified so I was happy!

Race one!

Great jump but bad drive off the line. Getting shut down early by the rider next to me. Still in the top 10 though, it didn't take long for the field to spread out. The track was rutting out pretty good so there was lots of lines to choose from. I sat behind Josiah Natzke the whole race to finish in comfortable 6th

Race 2.

Great start this time top 5. Had my work cut out for me this time for sure. Track was getting tougher and rougher I was passed early in the race by another rider but held 6th untill the last couple laps I hit false neutral coming out of a corner allowing Logan Blackburn to catch up and put the pass on me. I fought back to catch up but didn't have enough time to get him back. Finishing 7th

Race 3

Another great start! Top 5. But I made a silly mistake early in the race dropping the bike in a corner. Kept the bike running, only lost a few position but pressure was on I had to do some damage. Track was super rough now so lines had to be spot on for speed! I hunted down a good 3 riders until I almost caught the 4th but he had a big crash so that one was lucky. I didn't have much time left In the race to catch anyone else but I still managed to come away with another 6th and some more points!

Overall I finished 6th for the day. Pretty gutted I haven't made top 5 yet but I'm working so hard to get there! Your supports helping me get there to. So thank you again for all you help. I'm also still sitting 4th in the championship tables.

Bring on the last round of nationals this weekend at Pukekohe!!! Wish me luck and I'll be letting you know as soon as it's all over how I get on! 

NZ MX Nationals 8th February 2015

The day was cloudy and the track looked great but this was going to be the track I would struggle on..

Practice & Qualifying was tough track cut up pretty quick so I had to get a lap in fast. I managed to get  10th.

Race 1: Was concrete starts which is my weak point. I got a terrible start and went down in the first turn, was last up out of 37 riders. And I knew I had to pull finger if I wanted good points. So I put my head down and made a charge. 

There were a lot of aggressive riders out there but I had to push through. I was able to get up to 11th position which is where I finished.

Race 2: Not a great start but I was able to pick a few riders off early. I had some really good lines and felt good, I was sitting in 3rd position for most of the race then the last lap Australian Jay Wilson snuck passed me giving me a 4th finish. Damn!!

Race 3: Crap start got caught up with another rider and almost went down, again last out of the first turn I knew something magical had to happen. the track was insanity rough now and a lot of riders were going down. Which was bad but good for me. It felt like a survival race, but I managed to finished 6th.

Overall I finished 6th for the day which is good considering I wasn't a fan of the track and I was only 2 points out from where I wanted to finish and 5 points off 4th! So a lot can happen in the next round. 

I am happy with my position but I really need to work on starts and couple of other things. I am looking forward to Timaru next weekend so fingers crossed all is well leading upto it!!

Woodville 25th January 2015

Well Woodvile is done and dusted!! And what a tough day!

Practice and qualifying was hard! Track had a lot of water on it over night which made it very one lined but I managed to get through it coming away in 13th.

First race

Great start! Finally some dirt starts and not concrete. I was in 4th round first turn and was feeling good. I held 4th for about half the race untill Campbell King snuck by me. I sat with him for a few laps but I faded abit towards the end and I had to settle with 5th.

Race 2

This was a 5 lap sprint race. Not the best start. Had a bad jump but managed to sneak up the Inside of the first turn sitting about 10th. Was not long before I started pick off riders and made my way through the pack. But been such a short race I only made it to 7th.

Race 3

Was feeling like this was my race I just wanted it bad. Got a great start!, was sitting in 3rd! Only to be shut down real fast by another rider and going down hard! Went over the bars and Was run over 5 times as by seen on video. Was not pretty that's for sure. Winded and unable to breath, I got up and made my way to my poor mangled bike. Picked it up and rode off before anyone pulled me off, had a quick moment to myself before almost getting lapped I thought to myself don't give up dude. So put my head down and gave it my all putting down the 3rd fastest lap time in the race and catching upto a awesome 17th out of 40 riders!

Overall I finished 9th for the day. Im very happy with that considering I thought I was gonna be making a trip to palmy hospital in that last one! And also knowing I can throw down a fast lap time is awesome!!

A massive thanks again to you for all your support. Hope this report gives you the feeling of what I went through in my eyes.

Next race for me is in 2 weeks back down in Taranaki. For round 1 of the New Zealand senior nationals. 

NZ MX Nationals Round 2 Patetonga 24th Feb 2013

This is my first Senior Nationals in the MX2 class. The 1st round at Timaru was good one for me, I really enjoyed the track even though it was very hot down there. I had really good races with a 12th, 9th and 10th and finished 11th overall.

Round 2 of the NZ MX Nationals at Patetonga. The track looked pretty good and the day was going to be a hot one and this was going to be my hardest track.

This week I need a few days to rest my knee then next week will get back into training and be ready for Pukekohe.

I would also like to take this time to thank my family & friends for supporting me on race day, and my sponsors Patterson O'Connor Motorcycles, Carter's Tyre Service, Pinnacle Brokerage Insurance, Sign-It, Fly Racing, Babbit Bearings, and Sue Birch from True-fit Rotorua.

Cheers    Scotty #331

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