10 Things to Watch For: Detroit

USA Supercross 2015

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www.racerxonline.com By Aaron Hansel and Chase Stallo

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The Streaker

Having won the last three races in a row, Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey is currently enjoying the longest win streak of his 450SX career, as well as a 45-point lead over Trey Canard. It can’t last forever, but with the way things are clicking for Dungey right now—he seems to be dialed everywhere and is getting great starts—it’s tough to think he won’t make it four in a row in Detroit. – Aaron Hansel

The Closer

Great stuff from Cole Seely lately. He had a legitimate shot at the win in Daytona before he crashed, and he kept Dungey honest last week in Indy, something not many riders have been able to do this year. Someone’s going to finish ahead of RD before the season ends, and with the way Seely’s going right now, he could be the one to close the book on Dungey’s current streak. – Hansel  

Best to Worst

One week after scoring a career-best third in Daytona, Blake Baggett was starting to put a good race together in Indy. He’d moved up to seventh by lap four and even set the fastest time of the race in the process. Unfortunately he decided to lie down for a little rest and use his bike as a blanket, which cost him a ton of time and relegated him to fifteenth, his worst finish of the year. Expect him to rebound and fight for another top-five in Detroit. – Hansel

No reason to worry about Jeremy Martin quite yet. Photo: Cudby
No reason to worry about Jeremy Martin quite yet. Photo: Cudby

Justin Brayton

We haven’t seen Justin Brayton race since he sustained a grade-three AC separation and three fractures to his T-5, 6, and 7 vertebrae when he crashed in his semi at A2. That’ll change this weekend, though, when the BTOSports.com KTM rider makes his return to Monster Energy Supercross. He’s coming off the flu and has missed the last eight races, so expect him to focus more on getting back in the swing of things than battling up front. - Hansel 

The End

Don’t even bother hitting the panic button for Jeremy Martin—his championship hopes were completely pulverized when he failed to qualify for the main last week in Indy. The way it happened—leading the LCQ before a red flag came out, then crashing all by himself after the restart—must have been absolutely agonizing. Now that it’s all over for him, it’s going to be interesting to see if he comes out flat in Detroit or rides with the same spark and intensity he had earlier in the year. – Hansel

Swan Song

Nick Wey is a representative of the sport—but even more so, he’s an ambassador to the Michigan motocross scene. This weekend, nearly two decades after making his professional debut, is expected to be the last time the DeWitt native lines up in his home state. Wey first raced Pontiac in 1998; a year later he dazzled the home crowd with a podium. Although he never won in Pontiac—now Detroit—Wey is a hero to the locals. If this does indeed turn out to be his last year, we can only expect Wey to go out with bang. – Chase Stallo


Three main events, three crashes from Chad Reed. Throughout his career Reed has been Mr. Steady Eddy, so it’s rare when we see these types of mistakes from him. In regards to speed, Reed should be challenging for podiums—even wins. Will Reed put the pieces together this weekend? – Stallo

Look for more from privateers like Enticknap.  Photo: Cudby
Look for more from privateers like Enticknap.  
Photo: Cudby

Privateer Island

Fantasy alert! With injuries taking their toll—Roczen, Hahn, Barcia, Hill, Albertson, Wilson, Alessi, Brayton—it’s given way to some privateers garnering the last few spots in the main event. Recently, Dustin Pipes, Zack Freeberg, and Adam Enticknap have all made their first main events of the year. Positioning for the last few spots is getting crowded, so you’ll want to do your homework before the night show. Who do you have taking the last few spots in Detroit? – Stallo

Green Machine

Some things we just can’t control. Joey Savatgy found that out last weekend. In the midst of a run to the podium—his second of the season—Savatgy’s bike malfunctioned, leading to a DNF. The good news: he showed another podium is in the works. “I know we showed we can be right up at the front and I want to get back on the podium,” he said in a statement. Another podium visit could be in the works Saturday. – Stallo


Tenths of a second was how far Vicki Golden came from making history in Indy. The California native—and three-time X Games Gold medalist—is trying to become the first female athlete in AMA Supercross history to qualify for a night show. Becoming the first female isn’t a priority for Golden, though. "I guess I do have a lot of female firsts on my resume, but that’s never why I go out and do all those things,” she told me before the season. “It’s more to know what as a racer and an athlete I’m capable of." Golden was this close last weekend. Will she make history in Detroit? - Stallo 

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