Saturday 16th & Sunday 19th November: OPEN - Kids Mini Track, MX and Short and Long Trail loops open. The MX has great texture and has has been freshly groomed for the weekend. The Trail loops will be slippery in places and are recommended for riders with reasonable experience. The tracks will be open from 9.00 until 7.00 Saturday.


#101 in the program…. #1 in your hearts.

Ping on Townley

maddix park mx

To Ping from Chuff

I saw that Ben Townley is scheduled to race the USGP at Glen Helen at the end of this summer. I know you are a BT fan so how do you think he’ll do after all this time off?

To Chuff from Ping,

I was pretty stoked when I heard BT was coming back to the States to do some racing. I’ll admit I tend to fan-girl a little when he’s around, but I love his riding style, his determination, and his character; he’s just a good dude. His career, while still impressive, could have been absolutely legendary if he could have stayed healthy. I know that’s like saying I could date a supermodel if only I were taller and better looking, but the fact is that Ben had limitless potential. I have a bet with Tyler Keefe, the current TLD team manager, that Ben will be top ten at Glen Helen. I realize that might seem crazy to some, but I know what that boy is capable of doing. He won the last GP moto there when he rode for me, and I know he’s still got speed. Maybe I’m just googly-eyed about the whole deal, but I think BT is going to do the #101 proud. If not, I’ll be there to give him an awkwardly long hug and tell him it will all be okay.


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