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Back to Back Wins for Milner

Australian 4DE

maddix park mx By: Aaryn Minerds

Daniel Milner has gone back to back winning his second consecutive Australian Four Day Enduro as the fourth and final day wrapped up in Harvey, WA. 

On board his factory CDR Yamaha YZ250F, Milner overcome an intense battle across the four days to win with a comfortable one minute margin after the final motocross test was completed today. His outright victory was hand in hand with his class victory in the E1 division. 

“I’m so happy right now,” Milner shouted not long after the finish of the event. “It was a real battle for the whole event as there were a lot of top quality riders here and I had to be at my best the whole week to get the win. 

“I put in a huge effort on day three to really get a bit of a break so it didn’t come down to a winner take all fight in the final motocross test. I was able to win most of the tests and get a gap on the guys so I felt really good coming into today and I just had to use my head and not do anything stupid," he concluded. 

It was also an impressive win for the CDR Yamaha team in their first year competing on the Off-Road Circuit. While CDR have had plenty of success in the Motocross scene over the past 20 years, owner, Craig Dack, a former four time Mr. Motocross champion himself has been relishing his new role overseeing the his new off road team and came away from the event impressed with what he saw. 

“I have to admit I have a new found respect for the riders in an event like this. Their ability to read the terrain, overcome four days of racing and keep wanting more is amazing and I really admire their dedication and determination." Dack stated. 

“This is a great moment for CDR Yamaha as well. We are new to the off road world and to win the A4DE in our first attempt is special and it means a lot to myself and everyone in the team. 

“I’m really proud of what Daniel has achieved so far this year and the win he just adds to that. In the time we have worked with him, he has become a true professional and matured enormously on and off the track. He has been a delight to work with and we look to more championship success with him in the future," Dack added.

Finishing on the second step of the podium was Motorex KTM's Chris Hollis who put in consistent results all week and fell just over a minute short of capturing the overall win. Hollis was rewarded though with the E3 class win. 

Rounding out the podium was Husqvarna's Matthew Phillips. After being in contention for the first two and half days, a tough final stage on day three combined with a trail penalty pushed the world Enduro Championship contender out of contention heading into the final test on day four. 

Phillips was able to finish the event off on a high, winning the final motocross test. 

It was also a successful four days for the Active8 Yamalube Yamaha team with Josh Green pushing through finish in fourth place outright and also stood on the third step of the podium in the highly competitive E3 class. Tom McCormackgave the team more reason to celebrate finishing 5th outright and also giving Yamaha a 1-2 in the E1 class. 

Carlton Dry Honda backed rider Peter Boyle finished the event in 6th place outright and also secured the final step on the E1 podium. Husqvarna's Lachlan Stanford who pipped CDR Yamaha's Stefan Merriman for 7th by less than one tenth of a second. 

Motorex KTM's Ben Burrell and HSE KTM's Ben Grabham rounded out the top ten in 9th and 10th respectivley. Grabham also took the overall honours in the E3 class, followed Husaberg's Geoff Braico in second and Yamaha Privateer Stefan Granquist in third 

Yamaha rider Emelie Karlsson won the Women's class from Ballard's Sherco backed rider Jessica Gardiner in Second and Jemma Wilson in third. Damian Smith beat Kirk Hutton for the win in the 35+ class, with Adam Riemann completing the top three. 

In the 45+ class it was Trent Lean who claimed the win ahead of Geoff Ballard and Ian Jenner.

 Final Outright Results:

1. Daniel Milner 26 01:56:55.123 
2. Chris Hollis 26 01:58:07.770 
3. Matthew Phillips 26 01:58:22.711 
4. Josh Green 26 02:01:38.231 
5. Tom McCormack 26 02:02:09.824 
6. Peter Boyle 26 02:02:28.438 
7. Lachlan Stanford 26 02:02:47.089 
8. Stefan Merriman 26 02:02:47.156 
9. Ben Burrell 26 02:03:11.180 
10. Ben Grabham 26 02:03:20.999 
11. Geoff Braico 26 02:03:55.904 
12. Scott Keegan 26 02:04:19.313 
13. Stefan Granquist 26 02:05:09.986 
14. Mitchell Bowen 26 02:05:41.767 
15. Glenn Kearney 26 02:06:05.001 
16. Damian Smith 26 02:06:46.519 
17. Nick Lean 26 02:07:14.861 
18. Brett Holl 26 02:09:10.106 
19. Daniel Sanders 26 02:10:41.457 
20. Justin Parker 26 02:10:49.652 

E1 Final Results
1. Daniel Milner 26 01:56:55.123 
2. Tom McCormack 26 02:02:09.824 
3. Peter Boyle 26 02:02:28.438 
4. Ben Burrell 26 02:03:11.180 
5. Glenn Kearney 26 02:06:05.001 
6. Nick Lean 26 02:07:14.861 
7. Daniel Sanders 26 02:10:41.457 
8. Justin Parker 26 02:10:49.652 
9. Kristian Sprenger 26 02:11:12.952 
10. Michael McCormack 26 02:14:42.779 

E2 Final Results
1. Chris Hollis 26 01:58:07.770 
2. Matthew Phillips 26 01:58:22.711 
3. Josh Green 26 02:01:38.231 
4. Lachlan Stanford 26 02:02:47.089 
5. Stefan Merriman 26 02:02:47.156 
6. Scott Keegan 26 02:04:19.313 
7. Brett Holl 26 02:09:10.106 
8. Dylan Rees 26 02:11:17.997 
9. Kane Hall 26 02:12:02.564 
10. Kaleb Treasure 26 02:14:55.361 

E3 Final Results
1. Ben Grabham 26 02:03:20.999 
2. Geoff Braico 26 02:03:55.904 
3. Stefan Granquist 26 02:05:09.986 
4. Mitchell Bowen 26 02:05:41.767 
5. Michael Hand 26 02:12:10.170 
6. Adam Giles 26 02:17:44.153 
7. Ethan Depiazzi 26 02:19:21.929 
8. Leigh Monkhouse 26 02:26:54.784 
9. Alister McRae 26 02:29:58.135 
10. Steven Braico 26 02:31:49.818 

Veteran - 35 years Final Results
1. Damian Smith 26 02:06:46.519 
2. Kirk Hutton 26 02:11:24.695 
3. Adam Riemann 26 02:14:18.376 
4. Matthew Dumigan 26 02:15:12.006 
5. David Langstone 26 02:18:15.052 
6. Ben Hothersall 26 02:21:42.908 
7. Con Privitera 26 02:25:12.958 
8. Toby Elt 26 02:27:21.185 
9. Scott Campbell 26 02:29:33.883 
10. Craig Stallard 26 02:30:05.795 

Masters - 45 Final Results
1. Trent Lean 26 02:16:52.610 
2. Geoff Ballard 26 02:17:24.281 
3. Ian Jenner 26 02:28:01.743 
4. Michael Turner 26 02:34:26.509 
5. Rick Braico 26 02:37:28.395 
6. Peter Hoelzl 26 02:39:02.752 
7. Franz Moser 26 02:39:49.869 
8. Brendan Walsh 26 02:41:23.312 
9. Greg Yates 26 02:42:49.449 
10. Darrin Strauch 26 02:48:27.305 

Women - All Powers Final Results
1. Emelie Karlsson 26 02:22:42.126 
2. Jessica Gardiner 26 02:24:07.402 
3. Jemma Wilson 26 02:26:03.219 
4. Shelley Connor 26 02:30:12.760 
5. Tayla Jones 26 02:31:11.922 
6. Bronwyn Aplin 26 02:40:29.034 
7. Dimity-Lee Duke 26 02:45:14.390 
8. Kellie Catanese 26 02:51:38.721 

For Full Results from the 2013 A4DE CLICK HERE 

Top Image: Daniel Milner successfully defended his 2012 A4DE win this year in Western Australia 
Credit: Fourohfour

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