Botturi Wins 5 Day Rally

Sardegna Rally 2014

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Italian rider Alessandro Botturi emerged winner of the enduro-style Sardegna Rally Race on Thursday after five days of excellent all-terrain riding on the beautiful Italian island.

Botturi, an experienced enduro competitor raced for the CF Racing team on a standard FE 450 and with the support of the Italian subsidiary Husqvarna Motorcycles Italia. He had a great all-round result, finishing in the top two on all five days to have an overall time of 15 hours 11.05, some seven minutes 44 ahead of Marc Coma and Gerrard Farres, both of Spain.

Botturi is currently competing in the Motorally Italian championship where riders compete on enduro bikes and navigate with road books, clearly the perfect training ground for the specialist Sardegna Rally Race.

Botturi said he has learned to navigate well and this paid off for him in the tricky conditions this week on the Italian island. “Here in Sardinia the navigation is rather amazing because of the special terrain and the incredible number of entries in the road book – for example 560 entries just for the fourth stage.”

“I think the secret to success is to maintain a very high level of concentration and to do this you have to forget about high speed and focus on the pace. The rhythm is the secret,” he added. “My best day was day four where I managed to gain some time. The opponents were very strong but they were also a bit unlucky. Marc (Coma) for example had some problems with his navigation device, and here in Sardinia you cannot give this advantage to your opponents.”

Botturi was overall second on Day One and Day Two and overall first on the last three days.

Final Overall results

1, Alessandro Botturi, ITA, Husqvarna 15:11.05

2, Marc Coma, ESP, KTM, at 7 minutes 44

3, Gerrard Farres, ESP Gas-Gas at 4.37

4, Paolo Goncalves, POR Honda at 22.50

5, Andrea Mancini, ITA, Beta, 25.54

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