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BT Toughs it Out

Hattah Desert Race

maddix park mx In his first competitive event since retiring from full-time racing, former world motocross champion Ben Townley acknowledged the Hattah desert race as the hardest motorcycling event he had ever contested. 

After qualifying in 12th place, Townley finished 15th outright but was sitting as high as fifth throughout the first half of the race. The physically demanding track took its toll on the Honda rider and he returned to pit area on lap five for a breather. 

“This race was both mentally and physically demanding,” Townley said. “I hit a wall at around the two hour mark and I had to come in and take a breather. I had something to eat and drink and then went back out. 

Like a lot of first time entrants heading in to the four hour race for the first time, Townley underestimated just how taxing the race would be on both the body and mind, but the New Zealander is certain to head back to the race in future years more prepared and ready to challenge. 

“I underestimated how tough it was going to be but it was still a fantastic experience and I really want to come back and do it again,” Townley added. 

While the teams number one rider Peter Boyle landed on the podium and Townley was one of only 17 riders to complete the race on the lead lap, things did not go to plan for team principal Yarrive Konsky who after qualifying first in his class, was forced to retire from the race with a pinched nerve. 

Konsky hit a bump on Lap 4 and was then unable to stand up on the bike due to the pain. 

“It was a disappointing end,” Konsky said. “I was feeling great up until that point and was sitting as high as 21st outright. 

“I tried to keep going but the pain was too much and I just couldn’t stand up.” he concluded. 

While Boyle concludes final preparations for the Australian Four Day Enduro on July 17-20 in Harvey, Western Australia, Townley and Konsky will turn their attention to Carlton Dry Honda Racing’s preparation for Round 6 of the Monster Energy MX Nationals at Appin this weekend. 

Top Image: Ben Townley worked his way from 12th to 5th early in the race before hitting a wall on lap five that slowed his pace 
Credit: Kendal Jennings

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