Cairoli & Herlings Win Saturday

FIM MX World Champs 2016

maddix park mx

“I miss some speed,” Cairoli said. “That is clear, I couldn’t train in the winter, but I know this is a race where I have a good rhythm, but I try my best to get my condition back.”

Both Gajser and Febvre came close to Cairoli, but mistakes cost them any chance of winning the moto. Both looked brilliant, but at times very much on the limit.

Jeremy Van Horebeek shot out of the gate in the start of the MXGP qualifier, but it was Antonio Cairoli who led early, making a brilliant start from 16th place on the start-line.

Top ten was Cairoli, Van Horebeek, Gajser, Febvre, Ullrich, Searle, Townley, Nagl, Bobryshev and Charlier 10th. Gajser a little wild as he runs off the track and loses ground on Febvre.

Gajser though still manages to pass Febvre and both those two riders started closing on Van Horebeek in second. Cairoli is gone though.

Gajser passes Van Horebeek and is on fire. This circuit is tough and could catch him out if he isn’t careful. He quickly pulled away from Van Horebeek and is going after Cairoli.

Febvre also passes Van Horebeek and now the top three in the championship, hold the top three spots on the track. Febvre also making mistakes as he chases after Gajser and Cairoli.

Cairoli maintains his lead and looks very smooth compared to the two younger riders. After three laps it’s Cairoli, Gajser, Febvre, Van Horebeek, Searle, Townley, Charlier, Bobryshev, Nagl, Strijbos and Guiilod 10th. Searle though makes a mistake and drops out of the contention.

Cairoli continues to pull away from Gajser and Febvre, but suddenly they make a lot of ground on Cairoli. Gajser is onto the back wheel of Cairoli, as is Febvre.

Febvre railed a corner beautifully and passes Gajser, but makes a mistake and Gajser goes right back past. The two collide in a corner, this is just an amazing race. Amazingly they still haven’t lost ground on Cairoli. There is no way Cairoli can hold these two out.

Gajser keeps making mistakes when he gets in close contact with Cairoli, and the Italian is still smooth as silk. Gajser is all over the back wheel of Cairoli.

Gajser did this in Latvia last weekend, just followed the Italian for lap after lap, then breezed past to win that race last weekend. Townley down and maybe getting disqualified as he received help from an official. Back running in 16th place.

Gajser is really on the edge, but so beautiful to watch. Gajser lost his front end and crashed, dropping back to third, but probably handing the victory to Cairoli.

Febvre moved right onto Cairoli with a lap to go. Cairoli holds on to win from Febvre and Gajser. Great race.

 MXGP – Qualifying Race

1 222 Cairoli, Antonio ITA FMI KTM 24:17.557
2 461 Febvre, Romain FRA FFM Yamaha 24:18.183
3 243 Gajser, Tim SLO AMZS Honda 24:35.464
4 89 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL FMB Yamaha 24:38.737
5 23 Charlier, Christophe FRA FFM Husqvarna 24:45.347
6 777 Bobryshev, Evgeny RUS MUL Honda 24:48.245
7 12 Nagl, Maximilian GER DMSB Husqvarna 24:50.490
8 22 Strijbos, Kevin BEL FMB Suzuki 24:52.513
9 24 Simpson, Shaun GBR ACU KTM 24:59.953
10 92 Guillod, Valentin SUI FMS Yamaha 25:07.826
11 20 Aranda, Gregory FRA DMSB Yamaha 25:12.963
12 32 Potisek, Milko FRA FFM Yamaha 25:18.560
13 259 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED KNMV KTM 25:29.141
14 45 Nicholls, Jake GBR ACU Husqvarna 25:30.718
15 149 Ullrich, Dennis GER DMSB KTM 25:34.863
16 685 Lenoir, Steven FRA FFM Honda 25:39.742
17 8 Townley, Ben NZL MNZ Suzuki 25:40.648
18 156 Heidecke, Angus GER DMSB KTM 25:41.496
19 17 Butron, Jose ESP RFME KTM 25:41.524
20 177 Jasikonis, Arminas LTU DMSB Kawasaki 25:47.950

MX2 : Herlings sick, but wins

143389_Jeffrey Herlings KTM 250 SX-F Kegums 2016

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Jeffrey Herlings overcame sickness to win todays MX2 qualification race. Under perfect weather conditions and around a really nice circuit the Dutchman was just too good for his rivals.

“I have been sick since Tuesday and it is getting worse and worse and I have a fever now, I need to save some energy, but the fever is coming into play. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better.”

Jeremy Seewer has really come on under the wing of Stefan Everts and his second showed that his practice times were a good indication of how his race would be.

“I am working for the top spots, but I can do an amazing race and maybe not be on the podium. I just take race to race and I was quickest in times practice.”

Herlings took the lead early in the MX2 qualification race after passing early leader Dylan Ferrandis. Next up came Ferrandis, Jonass, Ostlund, Van Doninck, Sterry, Seewer, Bogers, Paturel, and Tonkov in 10th.

Seewer quickly passed Sterry to move into sixth and then went past Ostlund for fifth position.

After two laps Herlings lead was two seconds, then came Ferrandis, Jonass, Van Doninck, Seewer, Sterry, Paturel, Ostlund, Bogers and Tonkov.

Seewer again impressive moved into second place after an average start. Herlings cleared to a 15 second lead as Ferrandis loses places to Seewer, Jonass and Van Doninck, and Sterry dropped back to 11th place, while his countryman Anstie moved into 9th.

Top ten after 10 laps was Herlings, Seewer, Jonass, Van Doninck, Ferrandis, Paturel, Bogers, Tonkov, Anstie and Vlaanderen in 10th.

Herlings wins it by 14 seconds, then came Seewer and Jonass.

MX2 – Qualifying Race 

1 84 Herlings, Jeffrey NED KNMV KTM 24:23.425
2 91 Seewer, Jeremy SUI FMS Suzuki 24:38.036
3 41 Jonass, Pauls LAT LAMSF KTM 24:41.754
4 172 Van doninck, Brent BEL FMB Yamaha 24:43.290
5 4 Ferrandis, Dylan FRA FFM Kawasaki 24:51.152
6 6 Paturel, Benoit FRA FFM Yamaha 25:03.785
7 189 Bogers, Brian NED KNMV KTM 25:10.870
8 99 Anstie, Max GBR ACU Husqvarna 25:12.025
9 59 Tonkov, Aleksandr RUS KNMV Yamaha 25:18.507
10 10 Vlaanderen, Calvin NED KNMV KTM 25:22.371

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