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Conondale Results

Australian MX Champs 2014

maddix park mx

MX1 Superpole: 1st Matt Moss, 2nd Kirk Gibbs, 3rd Billy Mackenzie, 4th Adam Monea, 5th Jake Moss.

MX1  Moto 1: 1st M Moss, 2nd Kirk Gibbs, 3rd Jay Marmont, 4th Billy McKenzie, 5th Ben Townley, 6th Jesse Dobson, 7th Brock Winston, 8th Rhys Carter, 9th Woods, 10th Monea

MX1 Moto 2:  1st Billy McKenzie, 2nd Matt Moss, 3rd Kirk Gibbs, 4th Ben Townley, 5th Adam Monea, 6th Kade Mosig, 7th Jay Marmont, 8th Hayden Mellross 9th Brock Winston, 10th Rhys Carter.

MX1 Moto 3: 1st Kirk Gibbs, 2nd Matt Moss, 3rd Kade Mosig, 4th Adam Monea, 5th Billy Mackenzie, 6th Brock Winston, 7th Rhys Carter, 8th Hayden Mellros, 9th Jese Dobson, 10th Jacob Wright, 11th Ben Townley.

MX1 Overall: 1st Kirk Gibbs, 2nd Matt Moss, 3rd Billy Mackenzie, 4th Adam Monea, 5th Brock Winston, 6th Ben Townley, 7th Rhys Carter.

MX1 Series: 1st Matt Moss 550, 2nd Kirk Gibbs 532, 3rd Billy McKenzie 482.  Rhys Carter 351 has moved back up to 9th. BT 139 is 15th.

MX2 Moto 1: 1st Ward, 2nd Hamish Harwood, 3rd Harrison, 4th Clout, 5th McCoy, 6th Willis, 7th Wilson,8th Cachia, 9th Long, 10th Lilly.  Kayne Lamont DNF Lap 3

MX2 Moto2: 1st Caleb Ward, 2nd Kayne Lamont, 3rd Josh Cachia, 4th Errol Willis, 5th Kale Makeham, 6th Luke Arbon, 7th Jay Wilson, 8th Luke Clout, 9th Dylan Long, 10th Blake Lilly, 12th Hamish Harwood.

MX2 Moto3: 1st Luke Arbon, 2nd Errol Willis, 3rd Kayne Lamont, 4th Luke Clout, 5th Hamish Harwood, 6th Josh Cachia, 7th Jay Wilson, 8th Brenden Harrison, 9th Kale Makeham, 10th Caleb Ward.

MX2 Overall: 1st Ward, 2nd Willis, 3rd Clout, 4th Cachia, 5th Hamish Harwood, 6th Wilson, 7th Harrison, 8th Long, 9th Makeham, 10th Kayne Lamont.

MX2 Series: 1st Clout 463, 2nd Hamish Harwood 447, 3rd Arbon 420, 4th Ward 404, 5th Harrison 399, 6th Makeham 397, 7th Kayne Lamont 395.

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