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Day 4: Another Good Day

ISDE 2013

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Enduro NewsBy: Aaryn Minerds

Australian Senior ISDE Team Moves Back Into Second With Great Team Effort Overnight.

Australian Women's Trophy Team Continue Their March Up Front.

Junior Team Move Back Up To Fifth Place. 

 A great team effort by the Australian Trophy team on day four of the 2013 International Six Day Enduro has lifted them back in to second place, 46 seconds ahead of the United States. 

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Josh Strang had his best day of the event so far, leading the Aussie charge with a great 4th place finish, one spot ahead of Daniel Milner who was the leading Aussie rider over the course of the first three days. Not to be out done,Chris Hollis made it three Australian's inside the top ten for the day in 8th position. 









Josh Green and Glenn Kearney finished the day 21st and 25th respectively helping the Australian team into second place and helping to sure up a podium position for the second year running with the fourth placed Italian team just under four minutes behind the Australian team with just Day five followed by the final moto on Day six remaining. 

The French look untouchable out front, one again taking the team win for the day and move to a comfortable 11 minute and 5 second lead. 

Australia's Junior team followed in the foot steps of the senior team, having their best day so far of the 2013 event and in the process moved back ahead of team Sweden into fifth place. 

Thomas McCormack had a blinder of a day, finishing 4th outright in the Junior category for riders under the age of 23.Lachlan Stanford had another great day finishing just outside the top 10 in 13th position. Ben Burrell made it three Aussies inside the top 20 finishing the day in 20th position, while Scott Keegan rounded out day 4 in 29th place. 

France continue to lead the Junior class with a two and a half minute lead over Italy with Great Britain a further 3 minutes further back and comfortably sitting in a podium position. The U.S.A are in fourth place 6 minutes behind the British team, with Australia a further three minute behind the Americans.

 The Australian Women continue to dominate the Women's Trophy class, with Jessica Gardiner and Jemma Wilsonrunning 1-2 for the day, while Tayla Jones in 5th place behind the top two Swedish riders. 

Gardiner won four of the six stages on day four and finished 2nd in the remaining two as Australia extended their lead to just over 10 minutes. 

Yesterday we reported that the Australians had a massive 19 minute lead, but it has become apparent the live timing for the Women's class is not quite functioning how it should and currently has the Aussies sitting 3rd 10 minutes off the lead, therefore suggesting a 29 minute turn around overnight despite the Aussie girls running 1st and 2nd! 

Today's results have come straight from the FIM Official results page. 

Sweden continues to run a solid second with the reigning champions France in third place, 16 minutes behind Sweden. 

In the overall class standings, Spanish rider Cristobal Guerrero continues to lead the way from French rider Jeremy Joly while Spanish rider Lorenzo Santolino rounds out the top three. 

The leading Australian continues to be Glenn Kearney in 9th place. Tom McCormack was the 3rd fastest E1 class rider on day four and currently sits in 12th place after four days of racing. 

Daniel Milner continues to lead the way by 1 minute and 15 seconds in the E2 class ahead of the French pairing ofPierre Alexandre Renet and Johnny Aubert. 

Josh Strang on the back of yesterday's fine ride sits just inside the top ten in 8th place while Josh Green who has admitted he his struggling to find a groove in Italy sits just outside the top ten in 12th position. Lachlan Stanfordcurrently sits in 18th while Ben Burrell is in 31st position closely followed by Scott Keegan in 33rd. 

In the E3 class Antoine Meo continues to comfortably lead the way by five and a half minutes from French rider Mathias Bellino with Australia's Chris Hollis only 6 seconds further back in 3rd. 

Riders will take to the trails and special tests late this afternoon Australian time for the final full day of racing then will be back for the final moto test tomorrow afternoon to concluded the 2013 ISDE. 

Trophy Standings After Day 4:
1. FRANCE - 16:42:48.12
2. AUSTRALIA - 16:53:53.99
3. USA - 16:54:39.20
4. ITALY - 16:57:48.62
5. SPAIN - 17:01:35.32
6. GREAT BRITAIN - 17:42:29.71
7. SWEDEN - 17:54:50.06
8. ARGENTINA - 18:07:46.14
9. ESTONIA - 18:11:12.96
10. AUSTRIA - 18:17:19.97

Junior Trophy Standings After Day 4:
1. FRANCE - 10:14:27.44
2. ITALY - 10:17:40.81
3. GREAT BRITAIN - 10:20:38.34
4. USA - 10:26:33.56
5. AUSTRALIA - 10:29:25.20

Women's Trophy Standings After Day 4:
1. AUSTRALIA - 8:00:50.79
2. SWEDEN - 8:11:33.63
3. FRANCE - 8:27:26.36
4. CANADA - 8:42:54.59
5. ITALY - 8:43:27.94

Middle Image: Josh Strang was the fastest Aussie on Day four helping to lead the Australian team back into second position 
Credit: Future7

Top Image: Jessica Gardiner continues to prove she is one of if not the fastest Female enduro rider on the planet right now.

Credit: PPC

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