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Dungey Does It !

USA MX 2014

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450MX Moto 1 Report

Glen Helen Highlights

Glen Helen’s Talladega Turn was painted blue and orange in the first 450MX moto of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. JGR Toyota/Yamaha’s Josh Grant and Phil Nicoletti held the first two positions over Red Bull KTM’s Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey through the first turn and beyond. Grant opened up a lead over the field as the two KTM riders battled with his teammate for second.

Nicoletti began to fade, allowing Roczen, Dungey, Justin Barcia and James Stewart access to the top five in quick succession. Trey Canard made quick work to catch up to that top-five group as well.

Stewart took the inside through Talladega Turn around Barcia for fourth, but a few laps later, Canard passed Barcia and later tangled with Stewart. Both riders went down in a sandy corner following the finish line area.

Barcia looked to be set for a solid fourth-place finish—Grant, Roczen and Dungey were long gone—but suffered a mechanical DNF late in the race. Andrew Short would succumb to the same fate moments later in the exact same section.

Roczen turned up the heat on Grant once the white flag came out. The two raced spectacularly around the Glen Helen circuit through the duration of the last lap. Roczen had a shot at Grant on the inside of the last turn, but Grant rocketed late and wide out of the berm to inch Roczen out for the first 450MX moto win of the season. Dungey followed up in third while Brett Metcalfe and Weston Peick round out the top five. -Jordan Roberts

450MX Moto 2 Report

This time around it was the orange bikes up front through Talladega Turn. Ken Roczen edged out Red Bull KTM teammate Ryan Dungey for the early lead. Honda Muscle Milk’s Trey Canard followed the duo up in third, but the KTM riders slowly began to separate themselves from the field as they clicked off laps in the second moto.

Dungey shadowed Roczen for the majority of the moto. He’d oftentimes lose ground on Roczen, but would find other areas of the track to regain it. Lapped traffic became a factor for Dungey later in the moto, and even though lapped traffic is typically a make-or-break factor for the Minnesota native, he rallied to keep Roczen in his sights.

Similar to the first-moto battle between Josh Grant and Roczen, the two leading KTM riders didn’t really turn on the heat until the two-lap board came out. They drag raced side by side up Mt. Saint Helens, but Roczen held the fast line going into the hairpin at the top of the hill to exit out front. Dungey stayed all over Roczen as they entered the last lap, but whether or not he’d be able to pull the trigger was up to question.

The two Red Bull KTM riders were not only battling for the moto win, but with Roczen in second and Dungey in third in the first moto, the overall was up for grabs as well. Just as Roczen looked to have the win in the bag, Dungey successfully went for the block pass with only a few turns left. Roczen attempted retaliation, but Dungey left no doors open en route to the moto and overall win. Canard finished in third with Justin Barcia and Bret Metcalfe rounding out the top five. -Jordan Roberts

Practice Report

Welcome to the race day feed from round one of the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, coming to you from Glen Helen Raceway in Southern California. The air is cool and crisp, the track is absolutely stunning and the smell of race gas, mixed with the scent of blooming desert flowers, is in the air. In short, it’s a perfect day for racing, and everything this venue is known for—a spectacular, ultra-fast banked first turn, huge hills and massive elevation drops—are all on point today. The big hills are quite steep too. How steep? Fire hoses have been fastened to hillsides in the steepest places just so spectators can get up them (expect more than a few drunken spectators to crash out and DNF today) and some of the track Mules are unable to get to the top of the hills. The dirt is fantastic too, and right now is holding the perfect amount of moisture. Big ruts have also developed, and the track is going to get downright nasty and punishing when the world’s fastest riders pound out their motos this afternoon. 

In the first 450 session it was no surprise when Ryan Dungey was fastest, and it was no surprise that James Stewart was a close second, about half a second behind, with Justin Barcia nipping at his heels. The order changed in the second session, but nobody was able to top Dungey’s time from the first session, including Dungey himself. When practice ended it was the Red Bull KTM riders, Dungey and Ken Roczen, holding the top two overall spots, followed by Trey Canard, James Stewart and Justin Barcia. -Aaron Hansel


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