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European Title for Jake Lewis

Jerez, Spain

maddix park mx

Jake Battles with series Runner up Augusto Fernandez at Jerez. Jake won the race and series.
New Zealand's Jake Lewis is the 2013 PATA European Junior Cup champion after a masterful display in the final race of the season earlier today. Taking his third win of the season , the only rider to do that.

Jake takes the top step of the Podium
Starting from 14th, the Kiwi was soon in the leading bunch and by the start of lap 2 had eased his way into the lead.
With eight riders bunched together trading places at every given opportunity, Lewis controlled the race with a maturity that far outweighs his 18 years as he responded immediately to any challenge made at the front.
The group behind kept up an intense level of pressure but in the run in to the flag after a race which had a capacity Spanish crowd on their feet it was Lewis was crowned the winner by 0.036s ahead of local hero Augusto Fernandez who claimed second position overall in the championship standings with today’s result.
Britain’s Josh Harland ended his season in the best possible way with a fine ride to 3rd and thus completed the podium.
Italian riders Michael Canducci and Kevin Manfredi were 5th and 6th respectively, while Spanish wildcard Mika Perez claimed an impressive 6th across the line.
James Flitcroft (Great Britain), Javier Orellan (Spain) and Hungarians Peter Sebestyen and Richard Bodis completed the top ten.
Miguel Aranda (Spain), Ilya Mykhalchyk (Ukraine), Sabrina Paiuta (Brazil) and Stefan Hill (Great Britain) completed the point scorers.

Jake Lewis – 2013 Champion: “I can’t believe it. I knew I had to give it my all from the word go and that’s what I did. I’d like to thank everyone that helped me this year, especially my dad as I wouldn’t be here without him.”

Fellow Kiwis Sam Croft finished 19th , Connor London 22nd and Wild Card Tyler Lincoln 27th in the 32 bike feild. Connor London was the only other Kiwi to score points in the series at Round 7 in France.

Top three points : Jake Lewis (New Zealand) 101 Points , Augusto Fernadez (Spain) 91 and Robin Anne 72.
Race Result Round Eight of the Pata European Junior Cup- Jerez Spain.
1. Jake Lewis (Jake Lewis Racing) Honda CBR500R 16'22.440
2. Augusto Fernandez (DS Junior Team) Honda CBR500R 16'22.476
3. Joshua Harland (Easy Barber Racing) Honda CBR500R 16'22.738
4. Michael Canducci (Colors Experience) Honda CBR500R 16'22.741
5. Kevin Manfredi (Newtown Trasformatori Srl) Honda CBR500R 16'22.757
6. Mika Perez (Honda Spain) Honda CBR500R 16'22.765
7. James Flitcroft (Nova Caravans) Honda CBR500R 16'22.842
8. Javier Orellana (Europfoods) Honda CBR500R 16'23.229
9. Peter Sebestyen (World Management) Honda CBR500R 16'25.534
10. Richard Bodis (Sparta Motorsport) Honda CBR500R 16'25.640
11. Miguel Aranda (Aranda 77) Honda CBR500R 16'25.840
12. Illya Mykhalchyk (Wind Racing Team) Honda CBR500R 16'31.709
13. Illan Fernandez (Evo Kids Racing) Honda CBR500R 16'33.001
14. Sabrina Paiuta (LS2 Helmets Racing Team) Honda CBR500R 16'33.681
15. Stefan Hill (Team Michrome) Honda CBR500R 16'37.259
16. Riccardo Filippini (Nineteen Racing Team ASD) Honda CBR500R 16'38.106
17. Ali Adriansyah Rusmiputro (PT National Helicopter) Honda CBR500R 16'44.349
18. Marcel Schultheiss (ADAC Würtemberg) Honda CBR500R 16'46.732
19. Sam Croft (White Ribbon New Zealand) Honda CBR500R 16'46.818
20. Robin Anne (Anne Formation) Honda CBR500R 16'47.073
21. Stinius Viking Odegard (Team Stinius Viking Racing) Honda CBR500R 16'47.673
22. Connor London (WILSport Management) Honda CBR500R 16'55.415
23. Chris Kosan (MCJ Motorsports) Honda CBR500R 16'55.525
24. Jaimie Van Sikkelerus (Vakgarage Akersloot) Honda CBR500R 16'55.989
25. Alex Wisdom (Cads Racing) Honda CBR500R 16'56.035
26. Amelie Demoulin (JFA Performances) Honda CBR500R 16'59.539
27. Tyler Lincoln (Process Controls) Honda CBR500R 17'07.435
28. Blayes Heaven (Team Amadora) Honda CBR500R 17'20.585
29. Charly Eberhard (RSM Junior Team) Honda CBR500R 17'23.422
30. Josue Moreno (Box 77) Honda CBR500R 18'10.596
RT. Valter Patronen (Honda Racing Finland) Honda CBR500R 14'41.889
RT. Jesper Hubner (MH Entreprenad) Honda CBR500R 10'18.698

Pic/Words: Michael Hill Promotions for Pata European Junior Cup
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