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Ferris to the US

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Dean Ferris and the British Bike it Yamaha Cosworth team will not enter the 2014 FIM Motocross World Championship together after deciding to dissolve their agreement this week. 

Steve Dixon, owner and manager of the English based squad that has been present in Grand Prix racing for over two decades, was moved to comment. 

Steve Dixon said, “Having been in Grand Prix for 24 years I have worked with a lot of riders and we have had a lot of success year-in year-out and to help people like Carl Nunn, Billy Mackenzie, Andrew McFarlane, Zach Osborne, Mel Pocock, Arnaud Tonus and Dean Ferris achieve notable Grand Prix results as well as develop the YZ250F to a high level. Dean, who is now 23 years old, realised after his great starts and results at the Motocross des Nations that his 250 class career was really only just starting. Since the des Nations Dean and I have talked over his future and through experience I have learned it is never good to retain a rider whose heart is elsewhere, it would only affect team spirit and potentially all the sponsors and partners. I took a few weeks to think about it and I feel happy I have made the right decision to let Dean financially compensate the contract and follow his dream to supercross and the USA. It may be the only shot he gets, so I did not want to stand in the way.” 

“We are a strong and well established team that does not rely on one rider to get us through the season, we have a great record of picking riders and releasing their potential. Right now we have exciting times ahead with the development of the fantastic new 2014 YZ250F and getting Max Anstie to be a regular podium finisher. We also have a promising MX2 program with two younger riders. The 2014 YZ450F Yamaha has been working really well through our testing so I am still tempted to enter the MXGP class!” 

“It was hard at first for Dean to approach me as he did not want to let us or Yamaha down, he was grateful for such a good opportunity in 2013 to show what he was finally capable of. Lastly it is good that all of this has been carried out amicably and professionally and that both us and Dean both go into 2014 happy with our decision.” 

Dean Ferris is expected to join the America RedBull KTM to contest the West Coast 250 Supercross championship and the 2014 Lucas Oils American Motocross Championships, also in the 250 class, with the Queenslander flying out to the United States Yesterday after attending the final round of the 2013 Australian Supercross Championships on Saturday night. 

Top Image: Dean Ferris has parted ways with the Dixon Yamaha squad to take up a ride in the U.S for the 2014 season

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