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France MXoN winners!!!!

maddix park mx

Team France have won the 2015 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations with a stunning performance in front of a massive crowd and under perfect weather conditions.

Once again the MXoN rises to another level. Led by the MXGP world champion the home team were too strong for a very competative and tough Team USA. Gautier Paulin finished with (7-5) and Marvin Musquin the top MX2 rider with 4-3. For America Justin Barcia finished with 1-3 results to win the MXGP class, while his team-mates Cooper Webb (2-6) and Jeremy Martin (5-5). Third overall was Team Belgium.

Team USA rider Justin Barcia won the opening moto of the 2015 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations with a solid ride. He led team USA to a points lead with two motos remaining. Jeremy Martin finished in fifth spot giving Team USA six points, while Team France scored 4-7 results for 11pts.

The opening moto of the Sunday and it was Barcia who gets away well from Ben Townley, Marvin Musquin, Evgeny Bobryshev, Gautier Paulin and Max Nagl. Barcia looks strong as Townley tries to stay with him, but the big talk is Musquin who is closing on the two 450 machines. Jeremy Martin is back in 10th, but also fighting hard as he passes Shaun Simpson.

Musquin gets past Townley and sets out after Barcia. Musquin catches and passes Barcia, but the two are in a torrid battle as Barcia passes him back. Two or three times they collide with eachother. Amazing racing. Musquin gets back into the lead and moves a little away from Barcia as he makes a mistake.

Bobryshev and Nagl both pass Townley as the New Zealander starts to fade. Martin passes Paulin and Team USA have the advantage in the points race.  Barcia repasses Musquin and nudges the front wheel of the Frenchman. Musquin looks a little careful now not sure what Barcia might try and pull, but the American is riding brilliant up front.

Seven minutes to go in the race and America have seven points to nine of France. Musquin in a bit of trouble, looks like his wrist is giving him trouble and both Bobryshev and Nagl pass him.  Now Martin is on his back wheel also.
Barcia, Bobryshev, Nagl, Musquin, Martin, Townley, Paulin, Simpson, Guillod are the top ten as the race closes down the final laps.

Barcia takes the first moto win at the MXoN for an American rider since Ryan Villopoto won the final moto in 2011 at St Jean d’Angely and Team USA go into the second moto with a handy points lead. Team USA have also silenced this massive crowd. Celebrating on crossing the line Barcia does a wheelie and waves to his mechanic area. Team USA on top again in Europe.

Team USA six points, Team France 11 points. Third after the first moto are Switzerland with 19 points. No other nation is really in the contest.

Team France rider Romain Febvre rode the race of his life (for the moment) scoring victory in the MX2/Open moto. He beat home impressive Cooper Webb of Team USA, and fellow Frenchman Marvin Musquin.

Second moto of the day and it was Webb who blasted into the lead from Dean Wilson, Van Horebeek, Max Nagl and Romain Febvre. Martin and Musquin were next and the battle was already starting. Febvre was working hard to try and get past Wilson as Webb pulled away.

Febvre dived under Wilson to take third place and he set out after the two front men. Febvre was riding amazing as he caught Webb and started to put pressure on the young American. The crowd were going nuts.

Lieber into the mechanics area, Belgium having a terrible weekend. It’s just a matter of time before Febvre passed Webb, but the American won’t give the lead away without a fight. Febvre passed Webb for the lead and quickly got away from him.

A nice group battle between Wilson, Van Horebeek, Martin and Musquin. Musquin was all over Martin. Musquin passed Martin, and when the American tries an inside pass on the next corner the Frenchman closes the door, brilliant racing.

Musquin also passed Wilson as did Van Horebeek. Musquin was now setting up Van Horebeek to put France 1-3 in this moto. America after 20 minutes were 2-5. Musquin passes Van Horebeek. Team France back in contention. Musquin now setting out after Webb to possibly give France a 1-2 in this moto.

Webb is back onto Febvre and the Frenchman needed to work overtime. Webb tried a block pass on Febvre but the world champion was too slick and cuts around the outside to regain the lead. Febvre again pulls away a little from the America rider.

Webb went over the bars and Musquin was now right behind him as he got to his feet. Drama, drama, drama as this event lived up to it’s name. Webb recovered to finish second behind Febvre, with Musquin third, Van Horebeek fourth, Martin fifth. Its Team USA 13 points Team France 15 points going into the last moto.

The third and final moto between the MXGP and Open classes and it was again New Zealander Ben Townley who took the early lead. Behind him were De Dycker, Bobryshev, Febvre, Ferris, Paulin, Karro, Barcia and Van Horebeek and Webb was in 11th place.

Febvre maked his way to the front quickly as he passed three riders. After it’s all Team France as they now lead the points race (with the worst result thrown out). Barcia and Webb were not making progress and the race settled down.

Barcia and Webb on the move as they both pass a slowing De Dycker. Webb stalled his bike and was repassed by De Dycker, but Webb quickly passed him back. After a handful of laps its Febvre, Townley, Bobryshev, Ferris, Paulin, Barcia, Webb, Van Horebeek and Wilson.

Paulin passed Ferris for fourth place as Barcia closed up on both riders, Barcia passed Ferris. Ferris was then getting pressure from Webb for sixth position as it was France 1-4 and USA 5-7.

Ferris crashes and handed Webb sixth spot. Townley is still hanging with Febvre, amazing for a semi-retired rider. Barcia is all over Paulin for fourth position. The American passed the Frenchman and then it was 1-5 France 4-6 USA. The points are so close anyone of the two teams could win it.

With a little over two laps to go Townley was showing that he is still world class as he closed in on Febvre for the moto win. Febvre though finds something extra and gaps Townley by three seconds.

The massive crowd could sense that Team France held the overall and supported their riders with huge applause.  Two laps to go and Team USA needed a miracle. Febvre wins the moto to go 1-1-1 for the weekend and his French team-mate Paulin finishes in fifth place, Team France defend the Chamberlain trophy. Team USA finish second and Team Belgium third.  Team NZ is 8th.


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