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Groombridge Lives Up To His Words

King of the Mountain 2014

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Suzuki Press Release

“Live life as if every day was your last.”

Those words are tattooed on the upper right arm of Taupo’s Brad Groombridge and he certainly lived up to them when he raced at the King of the Mountain Motocross in Taranaki at the weekend.

The short version of Sunday’s racing was this: Groombridge was unbeatable on Sunday.

The long version is this: Groombridge took his Bel Ray Pro Rider Suzuki RM-Z450 to win both MX1 class races and the King of the Mountain all-in feature race as well, repeating the success he enjoyed when winning the big stand-alone Taranaki event the last time it was raced in 2012 and continuing the winning trend he has enjoyed for the early part of this season.

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing for 23-year-old Groombridge with Rotorua’s two-time former national champion Michael Phillips grabbing the early lead in all three races, the two MX1 races and the feature final.

But each time rider Groombridge managed to find a way past his fellow Bay of Plenty rival, although for the feature final he had to do that half a dozen times.

The lead changed at least six times during that final 20-minute race, the crowd mesmerised as Groombridge and Phillips cut and thrust around the steep Barrett Road Motorcycle Park circuit on the outskirts of New Plymouth.

But Groombridge was in front when it counted most, at the end of the final lap, Phillips nipping at his rear wheel and eventual third-placed Kawasaki rider Dion Picard, of Atiamuri, still 30-seconds behind.

“That was a bit of a battle that one,” declared Groombridge, as he slumped into a chair in the pits at the end of the feature race.

“I made a few mistakes on the slick track ... in fact the track got trickier as it dried out during the day. The hard-packed soil was very treacherous and it was hard to pick lines. Michael (Phillips) was strong and he forced me to try different lines to get past him. I had to experiment a little,” Groombridge smiled.

“My fitness is probably the best it’s ever been at the moment and I’m looking forward now to the New Zealand Motocross Grand Prix at Woodville next weekend and then that national champs that follow next month.

“I hope I can keep my winning momentum going.”

The junior King of the Mountain feature final earlier in the day was won by Patea’s Ryan Gwynn, with Masterton’s Sam Guise finishing runner-up and Opunake’s Liam Read third.

Groombridge and his Bel-Ray Pro Rider Suzuki team is supported by Suzuki New Zealand, Moto City –, Bel-Ray Lubricants, Suzuki Team Pro Rider, Pirelli Tyres, DRC, Braking, Renthal, Yoshimura, O’Neal Racewear, Oakley, Zeta, Epic Decals, The Rock radio, Dirt Rider Downunder, NGK, HiFlo Filtro, and Taupo Diesel Solutions.

For further information contact Simon Meade, General Manager of Motorcycle / ATV Marketing, [email protected].

Words and photo courtesy of Andy McGechan,

King of the Mountain Results   

8-11 Years 85cc

1st Brodie Connelly (1/1/1)

2nd Devon Ball (2/2/3)

3rd Dalley Cole (3/3/2)

4th Trent Duggan (5/4/6)

5th Brock Sullivan (6/5/5)

12-13 85cc

1st Max Hefferen (5/1/1)

2nd Carlin Hedley (1/3/3)

3rd Zac Jillings (3/2/2)

4th Josh Clausen (4/5/4)

5th Vincent Andersson (6/4/5)

14-16 85cc

1st Kade Wilson (1/3/1)

2nd Aaron Baker (2/1/2)

3rd Mitchell Loveridge (3/2/3)

4th Shaun Drysdale (4/4/4)

12-14 125cc

1st Liam Read (3/3/3)

2nd Cameron Hill (2/2/2)

3rd Sam Cleland ( 3/4/3)

4th Kieran Baker (4/3/4)

5th Jaequon Goodrick  (6/5/5)

14-16 250cc

1st Sam Guise (1/1/1)

2nd Leslie Longstaff (3/3/2)

3rd Dean Vickers (2/2/4)

4th Kyal Batchelor (6/5/3)

5th Aaron Baker (4/4/6)

15-16 125cc

1st Ryan Gwynn (1/1/2)

2nd Callum Holdt 3/5/1)

3rd Bradley Cole 2/2/5)

4th Braeden Christian (4/4/3)

5th Sean Dent (5/4/4)


1st Brad Groombridge (1/1/1)

2nd John Phillips (2/3/2)

3rd Ethan Martens (4/4/4)

4th Dion Picard (5/5/3)

5th Tom Hughes (6/6/7)

6th Daryl Hurley (3/2/15)


1st Hayden Kanters (1/2/5)

2nd Kieran Scheele (2/1/6)

3rd Blair Holdt (3/5/11)

4th Kieran Bryant (4/3/-)

5th David Ashton (5/5/-)

Nat 125 / Under 21

1st Aaron Jane

2nd Ryan Gwynn

3rd Braeden Christian

4th Kakob Vink


1st Mitch Rowe (1/1/1)

2nd Bryce McDougall (2/2/3)

3rd Shaun Raven (3/3/2)

4th Scotty Vickers (4/5/5)

5th Steve Webber (6/6/4)

Women Open

1st Taylar Rampton (1/1/1)

2nd Nikita Mudford (2/2/2)

3rd Kendra Reid (3/3/3)

4th Nicole Marshall (-/4/4)

5th Brenda Vickers (4/5/-)


1st Ben Lightfoot (1/1/1)

2nd Aydan Palmer (3/4/2)

3rd Dion Palmer (2/2/5)

4th Liam Kalin (4/3/3)

5th Daniel Carson (7/5/4)

Junior King of the Mountain

1st Ryan Gwynn

2nd Sam Guise

3rd Laim Read

Senior King of the Mountain

1st Brad Groombridge

2nd Michael Phillips

3rd Dion Picard

Click here for full results

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