Highlights from the 6 Day

2014 ISDE Argentina

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France: Three Times Champions in the WorldTrophy

Today is the last day of the 89th edition of this 101 year international which was celebrated in Argentina for the first time. Day 6 of the race showed a breathtaking final test of motocross. The riders settled the competition divided into 3 heats – which were in turn divided into three different individual classes: E1, E2, E3) with 8 laps each.

The French team, who is made up of Pierre-Alexandre Renet, Christophe Nambotin, Marc Bourgeois, Jeremy Tarroux, Anthony Boissiere and Fabien Planet de, showed an outstanding level of performance in every stage during this 6-day competition. The last day took place at the motocross circuit of the ASER Club (Asociación Sanjuanina de Enduro y Rescate). The French team finished the competition with time of 1h04m49s21/100, adding up a final total time of 19h33m21s56/100. Thus, the French team with its full delegation won its eighth competition. The team won six out of the seven editions in the World Trophy and its third competition in a row.

“It was a great track for a final MX. Argentina is an extraordinary country with beautiful views. The people are so kind and love the motor sport, that isn’t common in others countries”, said Renet, who also won the individual E2 class.


The Unites States is on the second place. The American team finished the competition 9m46s22/100 behind the French team. This delegation was able to overcome the problems they had during the first days. Zachary Osborne dropped out due to a mechanical problem while Charlie Mullins’s fall put him into risk of continuing with the competition of Day 2.

When Kailub Russel, the winner of the last ST in class E2, finished the race, he said: “It’s pretty awesome to win that MX. It’s good to be back on the podium. For a USA team, it is awesome.  It’s been great being here for two weeks I had a lot of fun. As a team, we are pretty happy it has been an awesome Six Days”.


Spain -with a good performance of Iván Cervantes- completes the podium. The Spanish team is on the third place with 55m25s72/100 behind the leader. “To take a medal back home is always positive and I’m very happy with the job we did as a team. We almost dropped off on Day 4 but we made it through. It was very good”, said Cervantes himself after winning his medal.

Germany is on the fourth place with a time of (a 1h05m34s72/100). Apart from France, the German team also finished the Six Days with the six riders. The German delegation received a special mention.

Argentina is on the fifth position. This is a historical record for the Argentine team who finished eighth in Sardinia (Italy) in 2013. The Argentine delegation, who is made up of the brothers Kevin and Luciano Benavides, Franco and Stefano Caimi, Nicolás Guistozzi and Juan Manuel Dávila, finished the competition with a time of 3h55m17s29/100, adding up a final total of 28h14m19s62/100.

“I feel so happy. It was an amazing experience. We lived beatufull moments with all the team and the people that came here to support us during all these days. I’m trully thankfull to everybody. Today, the track was great. He organization has done an incredible job here. I want to congratulate all of them, I’m proud that Argentina has organized this event here”, said Franco Caimi with happines.


Australian Female Team: Two- times Champions

Australia had six-dreamlike days and won the Women World Trophy for the second year in a row. Canada and The United Stated complete the podium.


The Australian riders, Jessica Gardiner, Tayla Jones and Jemma Wilson showed their level of performance during this 89th edition of the International Six Days celebrated in San Juan for the first time in history. Such is so that the riders were on the top of the competition during the whole race and they were even the fastest every day.

This delegation, who also won the ISDE in Sardinia (Italy) in 2013, finished the Day 6 of the competence showing a great performance on the motocross track of ASER Club (Asociation of Sanjuanina de Enduro y Rescate). The “Kangaroo” team finished the day with a time of 22m12s69/100, adding up a total of 9h14m52s68/100.

“I’m very happy for winning this ISDE. Winning here is very important for us. It was very nice to be in Argentina with the support of the poeple. It’s great”, said Gardiner.


The fastest time today on the motocross, Jones, said when finished the competition: “I´m pretty excited. I´m glad I got a win this week and it`s awesome I got a gold medal. This here was awesome, quite fun. We won in 2013 and again this year, so I hope we can keep it up and make get three in row next year”.


Canada finished second on the competition. Victoria Hett and Shelby Turner were able to overcome Felicia Robichaud’s dropping- out on Day 3. This team finished with a time of 11h12m56s92/100, 1h58m04s24/100 behind the winners.

“It was awesome. We had a lot of fun riding there. I was pushing a lot.   I’m happy I finished and it’s exciting. We are for first time on the podium. We are very proud. Good for me and Victoria (Hett) that we finished”, said Turner, the fastest Canadian rider on Day 6.


The third place belongs to the United States that finished the race with a difference of 10h37m57s19 from the Aussy riders. Amanda Mastin was the only remaining rider for American team who was originally made up of Sarah Baldwin and RachelGutish -both riders dropped out on the third day-.


When Mastin arrived to the finish, she said: “It´s been a long week, I’m happy it’s over. It’s been hard with some mechanical issues. It’s fine I finally got through. The tracks here were pretty difficult but fun at the same time. The organization of the event was really up to the case at solving issues. The people are very nice always cheering out there”.



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